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Sometime ago I read a post on Linda Ikeji's blog, it was a story about a young woman in her late twenties, a mother of 3 kids who said she suspected her husband was cheating on her. She loved him so much and felt hurt about it hence, she decided to scroll through his phone when they where both sleeping at night only to stumble across a chat he had with his cousin. 
Permit me to quote the conversation although that isn't the exact way it was written (I have forgotten exactly how) what matters is the story line and how we can bring back that spark in a  relationship with the one we still love.

"Husband: I am tired of everything and I just don't know how to let this woman go, the love is no more there and the only reason I treat her right is because of our kids. Leaving with one I don't love is been hell for me.

Cousin: You just have to take it easy on her and don't show her you no longer love her like you said.

Husband: I stopped loving her since 5years ago and all this while I buy her gifts, take her out and do a lot of things to make her happy. She doesn't know the love isn't there anymore. I am doing what am doing because it's my duty to but I am hurting more because I am living with the one my heart doesn't crave for...."

The story appeared more emotional to me than I wrote above. I felt like cryig for that woman, she said when she saw that BBM chat she just couldn't stand it, she cried so much because she needed her husband's love back. She loved him, she wanted him to love her also and not treat her right because courtesy demands that.

She asked some questions:
1. Should I confront my hubby or just keep it to myself?
2. What can I do to bring back his love?

There was a lot of comments. People saying: find love outside your marriage, some saying you need to go on your kneels in prayers etc

But let's get talking here. I stumbled on this tips from Romance Meets life 
On how to rekindle the love and passion with your partner.
1. Be spontaneous with your partner it is a way to help your relationship flourish. Being spontaneous with your partner can enrich and strengthen your intimate moments ...try something that you have been wanting to do..

2. Talk, listen and laugh together become best friends ..You will soon start creating a bond of intimacy .. Be sincere open and honest ..Communicate about love, sex and the relationship..

3. Send Love Notes, Post them everywhere , tell them how gorgeous, handsome, beautiful, sexy , how much you love them, be creative, be specific...

4. Compliment each other lovingly in public and in privacy, show affection for each other. Click on banner below for ideas...

5. Show them how much your really care by being responsive , caring and loving wholeheartedly. Do the little things that say i love you and care for you ..

6. Respect each other wholeheartedly, partners who treat each other with kind and respect know that it is essential for having a deep connections and loving relationship..

7. Be a good partner --regularly get them something you know they will like and enjoy ..

8. Don't let negative or annoying comments bother you , discuss the negativity when you are both calm.

9. Take responsibility for your own growth, appearance and health..

10. Communicating without fear is absolutely essential to building the deepest kind of friendship and intimate partner..

These are great tips to strengthen that relationship but I also want to point out tips best for a situation like the story above.

Let me add mine:
Although am not married so I may lack the experience in marriage but I am an adult and still feel one or two things could help if that spark in your relationship has gone sour. If the love two people both shared is now in the heart of just one person. So sad, but you could try this tips:

1.Prayer: that man is her hubby, father of her children so the most important is prayer. Go on your kneels and ask God to bring him back, let the love return back even more than it use to be.

2.communication: just like it was stated above, my boyfriend always tells me this too. It is the major ingredient that glooms every relationship. Me, you, that woman ,anyone out there need to call that man and sit him down because you guys need to know where you went wrong.

3. Get more attractive: Do the things you do before or you use to do that made that love so interesting like those sexy skimpy clothes you wear, that nice and flawless make over, that crazy style you do on bed, that perfume you use etc

4. Give him his best delicacy and always make him know you love and cherish him so much

5. Romance: get romantic with him like sending him some love quotes in form of her short note by his bedside maybe some mornings * get some quotes here at exclusive tins. Lol

There are note tips but my head no they think now, those tips and my few others such be enough as long as prayer is involved too.

Lastly, don't say you are a woman so you can't fight for that man. When you truly love him and he is your hubby then at times you need to fight for his love again. Remember you were the winner all the while like "special fever " and now he won you when he took you home to mama

Remember this too:
I hope this post is useful to someone out there and guys you can add more tips...

Yours, Temmie.


  1. Great post

  2. What a great romantic post! I'm single, but thanks for sharing. - Might come in handy some day. :-)

  3. Thanks so much @Steve

    @ Missy May, yea true talk and thanks so much for always checking in here *hugs

  4. hmmmm....really nice post, got me thinking...


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