Some Random Quotes I wrote.

Hi people..I can't forget one of the major reason I started up this blog. Of course I didn't wanna waste these love notes and my stories. So right now let me call it some emotional tips again so don't hesistate to send some to that special someone in your life or you could just read through and love it.

1. When I looked into your face, I knew you are the type that believed love was a tale  but I can take you to love planet it's a world of it's own, full of surprises, radiant flowers and a fire of affection that burns for ever. Give me the chance to prove this.

2. Life indeed is a fire that burns but never last. Remember that the fire leaves it's smoke after it's gone.
I see the everlasting joy of life as finding God , love and showing love to people we see. This gives a lasting smoke even after the fire is gone.

3. Your love is like a pit that I have fallen into, no one can pull me out not even you baby...

4. My best moment was when I met you. My greatest fear is loosing you and my dreams is been with you forever

5. I have had moments in life filled with joy but indeed every moment I spend with you is exceptional, having you is what I have always wished for and your love is indeed my desire.

Stopping here for now. Wanna go to bed. Night dolls!


  1. Wow. #2 is as real as it gets. Nice. Life truly is a fire that burns for but a while. I couldn't agree any less. Nice one Temi. Got here fro. Amaka's blog. :)


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