Reasons Why Feelings Die...

Did you read that post? I mean spark up that love again! Well if you didn't then click on the link to read.
Just like the story I talked about in that post, about how her husband just lost interest and he himself just couldn't fathom. It hurts so much when someone you love stop loving you back and the sad news is though they may try hard to fight it back, it just may not come so easy. I believe true love never dies at least that was one thing I always heard when I was growing and I think it's true. That would be a topic for another day. Lol

These are some of the reasons people fall out of love or why they no longer feel for their partner. According to

Change: We all go through different phases of life and through it all there is one constant thing and that is change. You and your partner will individually go through transitions. Some might make you stronger, while some are likely to make you want to break out and run free.

Miscommunication: In order to grow as a couple, you need to keep all lines of
communication open and should also be able to express yourself freely. "If you stop expressing yourself to your partner, there is likely to be a
lot of internal conflict that could be very harmful in the long run," says psychiatrist Anita Peters.

Different goals and ambitions: You don't need to be in the same profession to understand each other's career goals. However, it may get a little difficult if you are not even remotely on the same wavelength. For example, it may get
difficult for a career-oriented person to be with someone who wants to settle down and have a family.

Life changes: This could be the biggest reason for a love falling out. You were two really good people who fell in love but found different paths in life. You'll realise in the long run that letting go of a relationship when it is dwindling at the right time will probably save you a lot of heartache later.

I will also add the following:

Attraction: when you no longer look like that beautiful damsel he knew, no care, no beauty routine anymore and yet he sees so many ladies out there and he feels sorry for himself to have made the worst choice of a partner.

More coming up dolls, I just wanted to post something because it's been quite a while now... Gonna get back to you guys *winks and don't worry, am not staying that long anymore, would keep posting here even before the 10th of June.


  1. Am glad u back good to know and nice piece

  2. Thanks so much Luv, really appreciate your care *hugs

  3. Great post and great points. Thanks for sharing dear. :-)

  4. Lack of spontaneity too should be there. Who likes routine? Like you call me. You: Hello me: Hello you: how was your night me: fine and it gets to a point I can predict your conversation pattern.

  5. Yea. Thanks swit, for that additional tip. True


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