Ombre Trend: A look To Try Out

Ombre isn't new although it travelled on a journey but it's back with class. Ombre is a trend usually a two toned look like a two-toned hair, two-toned nails, two-toned dress or a two-toned lips.

Check out some ombre hair:

Do you remember when ladies usually line their lips before or after applying lip sticks with black pencil, so horrible! Believe me back then it wasn't actually a bad ideal. Unfortunately right now I just can't imagined a lady doing that she is gonna look so terrible like an uncivilised lady. If you actually liked those lip lining then but just didn't wanna do it because if was off trend don't worry the ombre is back again.
Now the ombre is looking more sassy and you can try it out on your Hair, lips, nails and even clothes. All you need is a lighter shade of colour and a deeper one to match.

Check out some ombre lips:

Here is a picture of ombre nails so you can get your nails polished with 2 beautiful colours of your choice.

Oh! Don't mind that's an ombre nail and lips that match above.

Ombre hair are also very much invoke and am sure most ladies out there would have been rocking it. You can easily DIY if you wish by maybe deying your hair weaves to the colour of your choice or you can just buy an ombre hair.

Before I forget to tell you this. 'Ombre' is gotten from a French word meaning "shaded'' usually a multicolored stripe with colours grading from light to dark.

Lastly, don't forget to also rock some ombre dresses this season.

Images: Google


  1. I won't forget to rock some. :-) Great post dear!!

    1. Yea, my dearest +Missy May and when you rock that you are gonna post it on that your great blog!


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