Oh beautiful. pictures of the world first underwater restaurant!!

Imagine a dinner in this restaurant. It speaks a lot and is really beautiful seeing real sharks, Turtles and lot of fishes.

It is the world's first underwater restaurant and located in Conrad Maldives hotel built. It is built 5 meters below the surface of the Indian ocean. The restuarant is bright and beautiful, made of glass so letting customers enjoy seeing the beauty of nature being under the sea without getting wet. Diners and staff are required to wear glasses.

See some more pictures below:

 Lady having a message.

A meal in the hotel cost £190 per person and it took then £3 Million to built it.


  1. Breathtaking but 53,000 per meal? Swallows spit. Prince charming please come quickly

  2. This is beautiful and is something worth trying out.


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