Meet The World's Ugliest Woman: Get Motivated

We always complain about our looks maybe we are fat, too dark, too short etc and we feel so sad about it but what can we do? No one is perfect but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I remember back in my school days we had a show in church one evening and then I saw a blind man coming  to minister a song. He was singing and playing piano perfectly and it was inspiring. The song he sang, the way he sang, his voice and all made me feel like crying that if a man like this can praise God this much then what was I doing.

All I'm trying to say is we should be grateful for who we.

Now, 25 years old Lizzie was born with a rare syndrome which has been diagnosed as the cause of her inability to gain weight.

Growing up was not easy for her. She was bullied and insulted in school and her neighborhood.
Few years back a video went viral as the video of ugliest woman in the world but she didn't let all those challenges weigh her down although she confessed that there were days she cried and felt so awful and devastated but she moved on trying to make herself happy and today she is a great motivational speaker and a friend to many celebrities. Infact, she has over 90000 followers on instagram who tells her she is beautiful and encourages her to do great exploits.

Some of her followers comment below:
"Never you let challenges pull you down, you are a beautiful mirror that people will see through and handle with care... only if you believe in yourself". Temmie


  1. Waoo!! This is so inspiring

  2. good lord im glad I have the face I have

    1. That bitch ts so uggly she has to sneek up on a dick toget fucked men run when theay see tah scary bitch coming tell her halloween is over take off the mask bitch


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