Many things on my mind: "Bring Back Our Girls'' and more

It's been a tug of war since morning between me and my dear network. Remember I have promised never to fail in my daily post but this network won't allow. I told myself ''look beyond every challenge and obstacle you can still post something on your blog tonight''.

So here I am doing this and I am happy I eventually did it.

That's by the way, I have been having so many things running through my brain that I have been battling with since morning. People dying, bomb blast everywhere, poverty, sickness, human slaughter, rape, hatred, causalities and more. I agree it's all over the world but why is it so rampant here in Nigeria. Every one is crying "bring back our girls" 200 young Nigerian girls gone and even the Nigerians overseas are wailing too.

Are all these really signs of the end time? Yea I know it is....

I hope God sees us through and puts a smile on our faces once again. Let this nation find respite once again, let the world find peace, I pray!!


  1. This is very sad, God please intervene.


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