Love, Money or Attraction??

Hello peeps!!
Guys did you actually read that post? If you didn't read this 
It's so real and the babe need a piece of advice to put her on track.
So guys for this reason I have got my mind thinking about something.
Oh yes! I mean love, money or attraction.

People say not all that glitters is gold so we ladies shouldn't date because of money or beauty. Guys I have a question to ask here and mind you no matter how stupid it may sound I have my reasons for asking because I really need to get some things straight here, hence, you need to answer and note also that one or two people out there may find it useful.

Now the question is would you go for that one person who always put a smile on your face, who is ready to sacrifice all it takes to make you happy and worships even the ground upon which you step, but unfortuney he lacks either attraction or money?

You know what? I personally have always been saying something that in as much as we should go for love being the ultimate, some other factors matters a lot before one gets into a love affair especially the sacred one called marriage. Just two of these matters will be discussed here and that is
1. Attraction
2. Money

Attraction: that guy or lady in question must have a physical quality that will make you go choose her or Him. He need not to be the most handsome or beautiful but there should be a kind of chemistry that drives you to that person. If your man or woman loves you and makes you happy but when you wake up in the morning you feel sad because the looks make you wanna cry. It's a pity!

Mind you, I am not trying to say anyone is ugly o, God has made us beautiful and we need not to think that way but in life "one man's food is another man's poison" so the one who looks like a beast to you may be a prince or princess in another man's eye. So now back to my gist I feel attraction matters too you can't be happy with someone whose looks isn't it at all at least to your taste.

Money: not the best quality to look out for but a story right here on this blog stands to prove us wrong unfortunately. Read it HERE

Guys I dare you to prove me wrong that marrying out of love and not money is the best and also you guys need to speak out about the issue of attraction.

Which would you choose: Love, money or attraction?

Love is the ultimate but in a nutshell how would you feel sacrificing beauty and money on the alter of love, is worth it?

Let's get talking....


  1. Hmmmmmm, it's not worth it sugar. I want it all *in Chris brown's voice*

  2. As strange as this may sound, Life is teaching me that I have been chasing shadows all the while. You see; I have always been the guy who wants that Beautiful sexy girl, for whom all my friends would drool when we go on group hangouts, but right now I think maturity is teaching me that Love and companionship is more important than Beauty and cash. I mean, of course she has to be presentable, but I will prefer a my next girlfriend (wherever she may be) to be someone with whom I want to spend my every minute, as against a Ms World who I just want to show off to the world.

    About Money hmmmnn I have friends who date rich girls for money and connection, I was recently almost forced to join their line of business **Covers face, but then i realized that I would be but sinking my ship, as against being my own Captain.

    Really fun read Temi, I like the sincerity with which you write. Cheers

  3. Thanks so much for your comments I really do appreciat. Thanks for sharing that and I am happy you didn't join those friends *winks.

    I think too that in life one don't need the very very attractive looks but at least one who is presentable and is always gonna make you smile.


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