Join our Exclusive Forum: "Hearts to Hearts''

Hi guys.... I have been busy generally yet working on some blog things also. Today I am officially announcing that here in exclusivetins blog we now have a forum where people can share matters of the heart and even share their dirtiest secrets to people who will never condemn you but strengthen you with love knowing that we all are not perfect.

Vision:  the vision of this forum is the reason why I decided to make it happen. So many people have been hurt in life, having  several difficulties and secrets they can't share with people. The fear of condemnation, or people publicizing their matters makes them wallow in pain. So here the vision is to let people speak their mind with others yet not been able to be identified.

The Rule: whenever you read anyone's post, ensure you avoid abusive language that will hurt that person. Make that person feel like he or she isn't the worst on earth yet give responsible advises on how to solve it or how to hold him or herself together. Breaking the rule means you will be banned!

How it works: use usernames, not real names and ensure you don't upload your personal pictures to enjoy 100% privacy, incase other users know you personally and may want to break the rule.

How to join: it is very easy, just go to forum at the menu bar of this blog and register, a confirmation will be sent to your mail box and hence you can start commenting on topics and creating topics too.

Alternatively you can click here to start.

Slogan: "No one is perfect, share even your dirtiest secrets and have people talk to you with love and acceptance."

Tell your friends about this forum using either the link above or this it is opened to everyone even non exclusivetins blog readers!!   


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