Is it right to tell my friend's lover that my friend isn't in love?

Heheehehe @ the picture above. Let me explain it again for the non Nigerians and non Yorubas reading this blog. The lady was having a conversation with a guy saying God should punish all those our boyfriend's friends who calls us 'Iyawo Oremi' meaning my friends wifey, knowing fully well that their friend is actually not in love and is just playing us.
And then the guy replies that may God also punish all tthose girl friend's friends who knows their friend is playing them and yet calls them 'Oko Oremi: Meaning my friend's hubby'.

This language is common among lagosians here in Nigeria. It's a way they hype their friend's boyfriend or girlfriend.
When I saw this yesterday on a friend's BBM Display Picture I couldn't stop laughing because I know it's actually true. So now the question is why do we actually do that because am sure almost everyone out there does it.

Your friend isn't in love with that guy or that babe but of course you can't walk up to him  or walk up to her and tell him the truth about his or her relationship but the sad thing is are you actually doing the right thing especially if that guy or babe is truly in love and a very good guy or girl because finally when that guy or girl gets heartbroken, he or she looks at you too in disgust that why didn't you help out since you knew...

What do you guys have to say to this, is it actually right to keep such a thing or talk out? 


  1. Sometimes my bff tells me about a guy pestering her and all of that, now she doesn't like this dude but like a leech, he won't leave her. Me? I help give him false hopes self even if he's my friend and it's my bff that's involved

  2. Yea sha that's how it goes most time.

    But sometimes using we ladies as an example 'maybe' if that your friend is a serious player and that guy is crazily in love and again she gives him hope , it's better to tell the guy the truth just that you may end up looking like a bad friend..

    1. Ah I can't sly my friend for a boy oh! Ko jor mhen. It's a cycle babe, we break hearts and some people break our heart. Some guys like the challenge of asking a girl who plays games afterall *shrugs* in the end most of them are after sex afterall. Once they get the cookie, it's over

    2. Hehheehe. True sha, I grab your points!
      Thanks for checking in here deari, I checked your blog but wanna really tour through cos I was in an hurry but what I saw was lovely. *hugs


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