Fiction: A Date With Celia

He walked into his bedroom briskly, pulling off his jacket and tie, he had been so exhausted in the office and couldn't wait to have a cool shower right now, freshen up and head to the club to pick Celia. Celia She was a perfect epitome of beauty to behold, her curves could make any man go gaga and the way she flaunts it when she walks causes mad traffic. Well....this isn't an hyperbole because that was exactly what had happened the very day lekan had set his eyes on her. Her skin looked so tender and bright like a baby's, her hair was long and full and as she twisted those sexy curves along the way the man in front of him didn't notice the traffic light had changed from red to green. He kept starring not even noticing the cars at his back until lekan came down himself to alert the man.

That day Lekan himself couldn't believe his eyes. Never had he seen a lady that beautiful. Celia was tall, slim, not so light in complexion and her skin glowed like the stars, her boobs where full and erect and infact, everything about her looked perfect. She was indeed a mermaid.

That day was the first time he had seen her and the second time was at a supermarket. He had been shopping for some shirts and other office wears when he noticed the attendant who he was aking a question from had kept mute and when he turn to see what had happened he saw Celia walking out of the mall. Lekan hurriedly dropped the wears and headed outside determing not to let her go but to his utmost surprise all he could see was her entering a car and slamming the door. It was so painful he had missed that mermaid the second time and as the car drove off he kept eyes gazing at her. She kissed the guy in the drivers sit and unzipped her shirt to reveal some flesh.
Finally, just yesterday Lekan had gone to the beach with his friends and as he sat in one of the bar he kept thinking about Celia because he had become so obsessed with her and all the while when his friends where jeering, he had kept wandering about the mermaid.

Finally what caught his attention was Mide's words 'meh this babe Na bomb o' he turned to see who the babe was but could  see only her back view but that height and figure said it all that it was Celia and as he ran towards her leaving his friends at the bar, they began to laugh sarcastically at him, he was really growing mad because of her.

Now he kept calling her as she walked down on the beautiful white sand, the sky was already turning black because it was 7:40 pm. Then she stood and turned to him knowing that he had been chasing after her for a while. '' what do you want from me" she snorted, anyway am Celia, meet me at club 7 tomorrow night by 6 pm''

So now he was back and couldn't wait to see Celia but unfortunately he was so tired and exhausted trying to take a quick nap but fell deep asleep.


She was putting on a cobra skin leggies and a sleeveless revealing top and as she walked into the room the blue light was dim because it was already 11pm and as he wanted to talk she placed her index finger on his lips and then she kissed him passionately, pushing him on the bed, she worked her hands round his body and then poured some red recented roses like the one on exclusive tins blog and then she gave him some very nice treat as they had the best S** ever, clinging to one another and as lekan whispered the word ''thanks baby..I love you" he kissed her lips again and held her tight.


Few minutes after he woke up from the bed and checked the time, it was already 7:16 pm. He glanced through the room again and blinked his eyes.. Was that a dream or what. He was still on his office trouser and shirt and in fact it was the same day. What a mess! Celia would have been waiting and maybe gone by now so he hurried to get the car keys so he could head over to the club but as he opened the door behold was a letter which read:

''You must be really stupid, all of that was in your imagination I can't have you taste or touch any part of me, idiot! You had better go back to bed because am no where to be found. Yours Celia''



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