Don't Keep Love Waiting So Long At The Friend Zone

I hope you read Don't be in a rush!!! I remember I actually said I was driving somewhere so here is another post maybe contradicting that but mind you, am only striking a balance.

Lets go there....(party rider's) lolzz

Have this ever happened to you that all in the name of don't be in a rush into a relationship you keep  someone you love or feel for at the friend zone. Maybe you just wanna be sure about it, if you love that person, if he's the right one who will be your dream come true and so you keep him waiting as a special friend for long but keep telling him it can't work out and then when you see him with another lady you get pissed off and start boiling inside of you. Isn't that time wasting? You keep him waiting so long being an ordinary friend and he keeps knocking at your heart endlessly. "Don't be in a rush" because of that you continue keeping him waiting but at the end he finds love in the hands of another woman and walks out of your life forever and you begin to feel sad. Please come off that, you caused it.

Maybe you think she is good enough but you still feel you can get a perfect babe who will capture your heart. The sad thing is no matter how hard you try not to rush you just can't get that perfect woman and so you end up searching and searching looking like a big time cassanova.

Many of us wanna eat our cake and have it.  It's not so possible and although some people go away with it you may not. You want to keep him by your side or keep her close but chase after others because you can hardly live with just one person in your life. So bad because it's gonna turn around on you when you loss what matters more to you.

Ladies, maybe that guy loves you so badly and has been on your matter for long but instead of you saying a yes you wanna make him know you are not cheap so you keep him waiting so long but that is risky if you actually love him because you may be the losser eventually so as much as you wanna prove '' a hard to get girl'' know when it's time to give love a chance in your life.

Now without boring you so much let me analyse this:
Linda was a beautiful girl having many guys hovering around her and asking her for a date them but she was so indecisive especially with Chike who she loved more. One day she realised Chike was already dating an other girl and she felt disappointed but can you blame him? How would he continue to wait like forever. She was selfish.

when you love go for it, don't think someone better will come because if you base your mind there you will definitely get that better person but you still may not be alright and you keep searching for the one who is best in the world. One thing I realise in life is get the one you love and shapen him or her to the kind of person you want. As long as love is involved you can always make people you love what you want them to be.

Why keep that guy or lady you love so badly as an ordinary friend when the flames of love still burns in your heart and you are suffering trying to hide it. Give love a chance in your life if you are sure...

I was so guilty of this but no worries let's do this together.

Don't be in a rush but don't keep love waiting too long on the friend zone. Follow your heart and stop playing all the time by the rules...


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