Couple Gets Married After Dating For 55years.

Sorry guys, this isn't a news blog but I just have to blog about this. 

She’s 93 years old, and her wedding last Saturday was half a century in the making. Elsie Kovner, who is homebound, had the nuptial of her dreams when her groom Harvey Liff walked down the aisle with a Queens judge to marry her in her Rego Park apartment.

“I always wanted to get married. Always,” said Elsie Kovner, who waited 55 years for her beau to pop the question — or at least move in with her. “After all those years, I just didn’t say anything anymore and we just kept going on dates.”

The nonagenarian newlyweds — suddenly aware that time is running out — got hitched thanks to state Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky (D-Flushing), who arranged the moving ceremony on Saturday that drew tears from even Queens Civil Court judge Sally Unger.

“I think they realized life ends and you can’t carry around a bucket list forever,” said Barbara Ostfeld, Harvey’s niece. “This is one of the happiest moments of my life. Her facial expressions were of a young woman in love.”

The couple, seated through the entire ceremony, exchanged vows and simple gold bands in front of a dozen family members before Elsie, wearing a black beaded blouse, leaned over to plant a kiss on her husband's cheek.

 "I was absolutely taken aback," Stavisky said. "Love stories don't have to be for 18-year-old kids."

"There wasn't a dry eye in the room," said Elizabeth Wu, the lawmaker’s spokeswoman. "Everyone was choking up. Even the judge got a little misty-eyed."

The Queens sweethearts swept each other off their feet in the Big Apple in the late 1950s, after relatives from both families egged the two to go on a date.

The two got off to a rocky start when Elsie, who worked as a bookkeeper, didn't hear from Harvey for days after their first date at the Mayfair Theatre in Times Square.

"I told my mom he's the same as all the jerks," said Elsie, later learning that Harvey had been hit by a car and was recovering. "The next date, he came with a bouquet of flowers."

They never needed a license to validate their love — until now.

 “I couldn’t make up my mind, and she never asked me to marry her,” said Harvey, 92, a retired furrier from Flushing who still takes advantage of every chance to make a quip even as he lovingly strokes his wife’s head. “But really, I figured it was time already.”

He waited until Valentine’s Day this year and chose a romantic dinner at home to pop the question.

“I said, ‘You gonna be my wife?’ ” he recalled. “She said ‘OK.’ ”

Now, he’s moving in with his wife in Rego Park.

“She made me happy a long time ago, and she makes me happy now,” he said. “We can enjoy the rest of our time together now.”


Finally! But did he have to wait this long before he told her to marry him?


  1. Love is real!!!nice story!

  2. Its gud to be in love. Love is real


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