Check out this eyelid art work that will make you amazed..

You know being a makeup artist isn't all about creating good looks for brides, models and more. It is also the ability to use paints to create even weird looks and been able to disguise someone at times taking movies as an example.
Tal Peleg uses eye shadows and eyeliners to create some elaborate masterpieces on eyelids featuring some iconic characters and movies
Louis, that is the picture of her cat. She painted it in honour of that cat on the day it passed away
Grandama you have big eyes

This pix above is her

Phathom of opera

The candle even glows

Elsa and Anna

The princess and the frog

Rudolph the red noise reindeer

The sound of music

Zip up

The ugly ducky
Eyes closed

People have different views about this. Some saying it is creativity, some saying it is from the marine world etc.
I love this but definitely rock it outside although I would wanna try some styles too to take some random pictures.

What do you think of this? share your views..


  1. I love the last style and I would ahappily try it. I guess it doesn't hurt to be adventurous once in a while ;)

    Great blog by the way...looking forward to the next post!


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