#bring back our men campaign in Lagos

The rate at which husbands are been snatched these days by all yea gbogbo bigz girl of Lagos is quite alarming. Please they are in penury crying to you #bring back our men. Well sorry guys if this topic actually looks like I am trying to create fun from this sad issue we are facing in the country as regards the Chibok girls. It is something that calls for real prayers and it's a very sad thing so I see no reason to rejoice in it. Nevertheless some people seems to be using it to make fun and for others, it has become a slag.

Few days back I was coming back from the saloon around Ojodu Berger and I saw a group of people ranting. I no be olofofo but this time I decided to be. I moved closer to know what caused the wahala only for me to hear a woman and her friend whom appeared to be almost naked as far as I am concerned because they were on rags, they had been beaten and had their clothes torn too. One of the women was crying, wailing and terribly ranting "bring back my man" and I couldn't stop laughing. She is one of those women selling in the market but even at that I feel she should be matured about it. If a lady is sleeping with your husband do you have to disgrace yourself to that extend? There are better ways to handle such situation. What made me sad the most was how she and her friend were beaten up by the girls. I should have snapped a picture of the incident but I dey fear o, hehhee I never sabi the journalism work reach that level. Lol

Now on the bring back our men and girls issue. It is no longer a campaign but now a way to make fun and also the latest slang in town, so bad.  I just came across a banner on a blog 2days ago "bring back our girls party, see the banner below.

So that's the situation of our country o.

Well on the issue of women fighting that there men should be brought back I feel maturity should be used because sincerely a lot of husband's snatchers are out there. Lolzz.

All the same that is no reason to be rude now or is it?

Few days ago I read a story on a blog on how a lady was ridiculed and insulted because she tried helping a married man carry his load not knowing his wife was coming from behind and of course due to the wife's high level of insecurity and temperament,  she reacted so rudely. she pushed the lady to the floor and almost beat her up.

If you are married to a man, does that mean other ladies can't even smile or greet or help your hubby if he needs help? I am not trying to support husband snatchers but all the same these kind of women should be matured about this in other not to be beaten up like that market women were or in other not to accuse an innocent lady of sleeping with your husband.

Hold him well madam and stop embarrassing yourself if you know you love him so badly. Lol


  1. I agree, it looks childish i think they should go watch my video on how to press a man's mumu button loloL

    1. Hehhehehee they really need to, a perfect video for this case.

  2. Fight because of a man? Ori iya mi ko


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