Brides Maid Get A Proposal From Her Boyfriend After Catching Wedding Banquet

A young lady, one of the bridesmaids at
her elder sister's wedding got a pleasant
surprise when her boyfriend got down
on one knee and proposed during the
wedding reception. The proposal
happened soon after the happy
bridemaid caught the bouquet as it was
tossed into the single ladies crowd at the event.

Kanyinsola was her sister's bridesmaid for the day and she never could have guessed that she'l be engaged to her boo the same day!
She gladly walked down the aisle with her elder sister, Subomi and played her role as one of the maids of honor...a few hours later, she was swept off the 'single ladies market'.

At the wedding reception, when all
the single ladies gathered to catch
'the bride's bouquet', Kanyinsola
surprisingly caught it and while still
basking in the euphoria of being
the 'winner', her boo stood up, approached her and got down on
one knee.
They were both nervous, Kanyin
wondered what he was up

Next thing, he summoned up the
courage and gave a little "You mean
the world to life is
incomplete with you....I want us to
start our family speech"
Kanyin started crying and some of
the guests wiped off a tear or two
from their faces while many others
She was completely shocked and
embarrassed and shy because
everyone was watching...anyway,
she said “Yes” and they embraced!!!


Awww isn't it so cute and sexy! I am blushing like I was the one who just got the proposal!


  1. Awww this is just the cutest thing ever, and so original!!

  2. thats so sweet, and cute

  3. If this ain't the most lovely and nice surprise ever then I don't know. Awesome!!

  4. lol oh my God they stole the show sha


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