Beware of Secrets.... It Burns Down The Candle of Love.

Love is a candle that ignites without stopping. It is beautiful and the greatest gift one can have. Believe me!
An old man once asked 3 friends what they wanted from a man in the world which they are about to thread upon

Lady 1: I want a man who will have so much money, I don't need his love but all I need is money and more money

Lady 2: I want a man who will love me with all his heart, pay attention, respects me and always make me happy.

Lady 3: I want a man who has all it takes to be a man and make me happy.

I will complete their story in a future topic but remember that love is a spice, so sweet and you can't find true happiness without love. I am stopping here because today we are not talking about that, we are looking at SECRETS.....

How much can you keep a secret, how deep are you? Keeping secrets safe you from troubles but most times especially in a love affair, secrets pull you down to the grave!

"a secret one keeps to the grave may be uncovered even after death only to surface one day to hurt the love ones you left behind"....

Dangers of secrets in a love affair:
1. Breaks your true personality
2. Destroys trust
3. Kills love by burning down the candle of love.
4. Leads to other secrets
5. Brings guilt

Now let the tell you a tale of love, secrets and payback....

In the village of Kondoro lived two village lovers. Prince kaleyemi was madly in love with Fehintola and inspite of all the intruders (village maidens) who wanted the handsome prince he choose to marry Fehintola. His father had asked all the maidens to dance before them at the palace but even though Fehin was not the best in the competition he choose her. He worn the bead of honour and royalty upon her neck.

They married eventually but the love grew sour. He never slept with her again after that very first night. He never ate her food nor talked to her and all her efforts to bring back his love was in vain.

Maybe it was Asake behind it, she had strengthened to destroy the happiness of the lovers or maybe it was Akan who wanted Fehin for a wife. #confused

Everyone cried for a lost love, but the holocaust was not averted when she drank a bottle of poison realising she had gotten pregnant and even though she told just one person 'her best friend' her friend had told the prince and hence the prince threatened to kill her so she had to do just that.

Prince Kale cried, kissing her, holdinf her as she died slowly in his hands and asking that she came back to his life but it was too late. She gave up! #maybe he had over reacted and he wished he didn't.

Before she died she showed him a letter which unveiled the secrets behind the supposed lost love.

A day to her wedding, she made a visit to her best friend's house and her friends brother had forced and raped her. She lost what the prince knew she had and so on the night they got married he thought she had lied to him all the while....

Now.. The molester happened to also be the prince's best friend so he hurried to the other village to fight back. (I wish she had told him all the while) but he lost the battle, they both fell in cold blood and every1 were amazed, the sky itself cried because of this Romeo and Juliet story.

Love |secrets |payback
If you open up to that one you love so much you may safe a lot of problems. 

"You can't lost him or her twice, keep no secrets. Let him accept you for who you are. Secrets burn down the candle of love...." But for the guys, learn to forgive. Forgiveness is the key to happy living!



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