Beauty: Give your skin the right treat.

Give that skin a right treat
1. Steam your face regularly to open pores, remove dirt and excess oil from the face. I personally prefer this to facial cleanser but nevertheless if cleansers suite you, go for it.
2. Get a face towel, don't use the usual towel you use for the body. The face is sensitive and desires much care.
3. Exfoilate regularly but mind you too much of everything is bad. I will be talking about some home made exfoilating recipe I stumbled across.
4. If you need that natural brighter complexion then lemon juice is advisable for tonning .

1. Puffy Eyes- This gives an ugly looking appearance, makes one look older and it does really piss me . when I was growing I often see my eyes looking puffy in the morning but i'm happy I have outgrown it at least to some extend. To eradcate it first thing in the morning, wet finger tips in cold water and dab softly over the puffiness. This will bring the "swelling" down. Another thing I had seen on the net is putting a cold spoon in the fridge and then when it's very cold you place it over that puffy area. You can also use slices of cucumber and green tea bags to reduce puffiness too.

2. Red Cheeks:  The easiest way to hid redness on the face is to use yellow! A lot of people use green concealers or creams however the yellow works the best to counter out the redness. So if you suffer from high colouring or Rosacea try yellow primers or concealers.
3. Sunburns: firstly sunburn appears like a red or pinkish discoloration on the face and other parts of the body and in some people especially the blacks, it looks darker or like black coluration in the skin, usually darker than the rest part of one's skin. It's rampant with light skinned people or people who use lightening products on their skin. In that regards it is advisable to always use a sunblock to protect one's skin from the Ultra violent rays of the sun.

On the other hand, you may have a sunburnt skin already and looking for a solution or you have a friend or anyone you know who has sunburn and is angling for a solution. I will be talking about 3 products I know works right away.

  • Ogano gold soap: when I was in school I used to have a roommate who's elder sister was into an affiliate programme with 'Ogano gold' company. An imported coffee brand. They usually produce a soap along side the coffee. It's very small yet effective: makes skin fresh and bright, clears sunburn without giving any lightening effect and it also clears rashes. If you actually need it, you can contact me for more information on how to get it.
  • Crystal white soap: it clears sunburn but avoid excessive use to avoid becoming too light in complexion. So let me just say it has some bleaching effects although skin differs so maybe in your skin it may not make you too light.

  • Natures oat meal and honey: I heard about this from Nairaland forum. All you need do is mix a reasonable quantity of oat meal with honey and rub on the area. Leave for 15minutes before washing. Continue daily until no traces of the burn again.

You can share your views on this topic and suggest other ways to get that perfect skin and  to clear off sunburn.

I hope this post is useful for someone out there.


  1. Great post! Lovely tips here. I've heard of the lemon juice one. When I was back home, we used that for armpit. It is believed to remove odours. Works! :-)

  2. Lovely tips, lemon juice can give amazing result.

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