A confused lady says :"I love Him only In My Imagination"

How can I explain how I feel for Daniel? People say go for the one who will put a smile on your face, the one who loves you and can do all it takes to make you happy because as ladies we fall in love easily, we are weaker.

This orentiation was the reason I decided to give him a chance in my life. We had dated for over a year and he had being a very great boyfriend. He bought me all I wanted, always came visiting me in my school and he respected me so much. My wish was his command!

The problem is I enjoyed all these affections, his love was so sweet but I just couldn't love him back and I was not proud of telling my friends about him because of his looks and height. He is an ugly guy and I am even taller than him. I enjoyed all those conversations over the phone and I felt deep for him when was alone with him but something within me says my feelings was mere sympathy and a kind of enthralling feelings all because I knew he truly loved me but it didn't change the fact that I don't love him and am not proud of him.

I  usually felt sorry for myself  because telling him it's over was the hardest thing to do. I thought I could kill him if I say so but on the other hand how long would I keep deceiving him and even myself. I dreamt about him and imagined us together but I always reject it coming into reality.

Few weeks back I Spoke with a close friend of mine (Rume) and she asked me to break up with him because I needed to follow my heart and so I sent him a message which read: "I don't want us to continue because I only love you in my imaginations but I hate it becoming a reality. If I could live 2 lives then I would sacrifice one for your love by spending my life with you but I have just only one life so I need to go for who I love and not just one who loves me''.

After that, I told my friend but she complained and condemned my action that it was too hard on him and that I should have found a better way way of breaking up with him.
He shed tears so much but I had to lock up. He said I made him feel like he was nothing and I am regretting my action right now. The last words he said to me was "anytime you  change your mind, I am ready to be yours. I will be waiting for your return". Those words pierced my heart and I have not been myself since then. Maybe I actually love him, but just like I said he doesn't have the physical attraction I need in a man , I am so confused. Please advise me, what can I do?
Lemme see people's view before I say mine. Exclusivetins blog readers you have to say something. 

The lady in question needs your advice. Thanks.


  1. Oh myyy.... What a sad story! I don't even know what to say. Love matter hard ooo, but I guess at the end of the day you had to follow your heart. Maybe the lady should have spoken to the guy about how she felt instead of texting him.


  2. I feel she did the right thing by telling him off because what is the essense of dating someone and managing it. Just chill for someone better abeg

  3. What do you mean by he is ugly, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so if you let someone who loves you go like that Na your luck o. Temmie help me tell the babe o

  4. In my own opinion I feel you went too hard on him although you shouldn't date out of sympathy hence if there is no physical attraction then it isn't worth it.

    You need to think deep and be sure you really wants him off your life because at times finding a guy who truly love you this much is rare.

    So deari, if you are reading my comment now know that am only trying to make you understand that you need to think deep, be sure you don't want him and if that's how you feel then move on.
    I just pray God gives him someone that would appreciate him and also God will give u someone you would love in return for his love *sad!

  5. You should not have agreed in the first instance. Now I think you're missing the perks and conversations and not him. I might be harsh but phew you don't deserve him. I mean now has he become handsome or taller? Babe no matter how ugly a girl is, she'll always be someone's ori aku nmadu (money spender) it's a proverb. Just move on already


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