11 Sexy Ways To Say "I Am Sorry"

So, you  had a nasty fight with your
significant other? And now you want to redeem yourself. Fret not! Help is at hand! Check out these really sexy ways to say sorry!

1 – Do that thing where you kiss them and act like you’re stuck. Even say, “I’m stuck! And I won’t unstick until you accept my apology!” It will sound hilarious because your lips will be stuck!

2 – Write a ridiculous poem. Make sure it rhymes. Search for words that rhyme with “sorry”.

3 – Make a list of the top 100 reasons you love them. What’s not on the list: the fact that they are forgiving. What is on the list: their sexy voice, how their eyes look when they’re tired, how hot
they look shirtless… The more odd, tiny and specific, the better.

4 – Stick a picture of you two together in their bag and write on it “I LOVE YOU” — or the secret password you two have for “I love you,” or your nickname for them, or a reference to a random
inside joke they probably had forgotten about but will laugh at now.

5 – Seriously just buy them something they’ve been wanting. This works especially for ladies.

6 – Write “I’m sorry” somewhere unexpected. Like, on a note on your fridge, on the mirror in lipstick, on your stomach, etc.

7 – Bake a big cake or cookie and write “I’m sorry” on it with icing. WHO can remain mad over a giant delicious cookie?

8 – Breakfast in bed.

9 – A single flower with a nice note. Did you know white violets symbolise “let’s take a chance on happiness”?

10 – Order their favorite take-out and bring it to them at work or have it delivered. If they’re still mad at you, just drop the food off and leave. But
if they’re over it, stay for a nice little lunch for two!

11 – Write a song for them about how sorry you are. The worse it sounds, the better. Leave it on their voicemail or record it and email it to them.

Are there other sexy ways you’ve tried? Let us know below!

Yes I stumbled on this tips yesterday and I love it but I wanna ask a question just like a commenter asked,  this is a Sexy way to apologise but here in Nigeria 'lailai it no go work o'. He he he! But I disagree to that cos I know a lot of us Nigerians are beautiful,  sexy and romantic aren't we? *winks


  1. I love #5 :-D
    When am truly sorry, I do everything you've always wanted me to do for you or I cook my special treat. Who rejects a pot of delicious shrimps?

  2. Lol I send a sexy pix sayin am sorry

  3. Hmmm actually I just say the words 'Am sorry' and then maybe I could address him with a pet name. Lol


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