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Beware of Secrets.... It Burns Down The Candle of Love.

Love is a candle that ignites without stopping. It is beautiful and the greatest gift one can have. Believe me! An old man once asked 3 friends what they wanted from a man in the world which they are about to thread upon
Lady 1: I want a man who will have so much money, I don't need his love but all I need is money and more money
Lady 2: I want a man who will love me with all his heart, pay attention, respects me and always make me happy.
Lady 3: I want a man who has all it takes to be a man and make me happy.
I will complete their story in a future topic but remember that love is a spice, so sweet and you can't find true happiness without love. I am stopping here because today we are not talking about that, we are looking at SECRETS.....
How much can you keep a secret, how deep are you? Keeping secrets safe you from troubles but most times especially in a love affair, secrets pull you down to the grave!
"a secret one keeps to the grave may be uncovered even after death only…

#bring back our men campaign in Lagos

The rate at which husbands are been snatched these days by all yea gbogbo bigz girl of Lagos is quite alarming. Please they are in penury crying to you #bring back our men. Well sorry guys if this topic actually looks like I am trying to create fun from this sad issue we are facing in the country as regards the Chibok girls. It is something that calls for real prayers and it's a very sad thing so I see no reason to rejoice in it. Nevertheless some people seems to be using it to make fun and for others, it has become a slag.

Few days back I was coming back from the saloon around Ojodu Berger and I saw a group of people ranting. I no be olofofo but this time I decided to be. I moved closer to know what caused the wahala only for me to hear a woman and her friend whom appeared to be almost naked as far as I am concerned because they were on rags, they had been beaten and had their clothes torn too. One of the women was crying, wailing and terribly ranting "bring back my man&quo…

Outfits of the day...

Guys, check out this pictures!!
This isn't anything much and I know a couple of people out there can rock it but what about this one below?
More hilarious! Hehhehe
I wonder what comes to the mind of people when they dress this way.

Love, Money or Attraction??

Hello peeps!! Guys did you actually read that post? If you didn't read this It's so real and the babe need a piece of advice to put her on track. So guys for this reason I have got my mind thinking about something.
Oh yes! I mean love, money or attraction.

People say not all that glitters is gold so we ladies shouldn't date because of money or beauty. Guys I have a question to ask here and mind you no matter how stupid it may sound I have my reasons for asking because I really need to get some things straight here, hence, you need to answer and note also that one or two people out there may find it useful.

Now the question is would you go for that one person who always put a smile on your face, who is ready to sacrifice all it takes to make you happy and worships even the ground upon which you step, but unfortuney he lacks either attraction or money?

You know what? I personally have always been saying something that in as much as we should go for love being the ultimate, …

Who Said Men Have Got No Fashion Sense..check these out!!

Who says only women rule the fashion world? Men also do and I love it when a guy pays attention to style. Yea, guys wouldn't spend all that money on clothes and wears like women do but a lot of men are great fashionista and it isn't a bad ideal, fabulous I must say

 Check out these fashion outfit worn by top models and some random fashionistas.....

A couple of guys prefer to spend money on perfumes and most guys like simplicity but I feel even at that you could always look clean, modest, decent, cute and sassy when you choose the right clothes that suite.
Are you thinking of what style you could sew for that nice African fabric or some cute English wears? Check some out here...

Aren't they cute?

See the world most ex pensive bottle water of $60000

The cost of the bottle water is approximately 9.6million naira. This is possible because the bottle is crafted with an additional splash of gold dust.

The content (water) in the bottle is gotten from the elegant beaches of Fiji, to the glacier water if Iceland.

A confused lady says :"I love Him only In My Imagination"

How can I explain how I feel for Daniel? People say go for the one who will put a smile on your face, the one who loves you and can do all it takes to make you happy because as ladies we fall in love easily, we are weaker.

This orentiation was the reason I decided to give him a chance in my life. We had dated for over a year and he had being a very great boyfriend. He bought me all I wanted, always came visiting me in my school and he respected me so much. My wish was his command!

The problem is I enjoyed all these affections, his love was so sweet but I just couldn't love him back and I was not proud of telling my friends about him because of his looks and height. He is an ugly guy and I am even taller than him. I enjoyed all those conversations over the phone and I felt deep for him when was alone with him but something within me says my feelings was mere sympathy and a kind of enthralling feelings all because I knew he truly loved me but it didn't change the fact that I d…

Join our Exclusive Forum: "Hearts to Hearts''

Hi guys.... I have been busy generally yet working on some blog things also. Today I am officially announcing that here in exclusivetins blog we now have a forum where people can share matters of the heart and even share their dirtiest secrets to people who will never condemn you but strengthen you with love knowing that we all are not perfect.

Vision:  the vision of this forum is the reason why I decided to make it happen. So many people have been hurt in life, having  several difficulties and secrets they can't share with people. The fear of condemnation, or people publicizing their matters makes them wallow in pain. So here the vision is to let people speak their mind with others yet not been able to be identified.

The Rule: whenever you read anyone's post, ensure you avoid abusive language that will hurt that person. Make that person feel like he or she isn't the worst on earth yet give responsible advises on how to solve it or how to hold him or herself together. Break…

Demin Inspiration!!

Denim is one trend that will always be in style, in and out of season. They say fashion comes and goes, but the denim is here to stay. Just like any other outfit, pairing the denim seems to be a hassle for some whereas others pull it off with ease. There are lots of ways to wear denim but I particularly love the denim on denim style. It just screams edgy, fun and cool, done right it’s not too much, not too little. Here are some ladies who’ve got it right.  Rihanna steps out on the streets of Beverly Hills in distressed denim skirt, denim shirt,  nude pumps, blue clutch bag and a base ball cap. This is one woman who is unapologetic when it comes to her sense of style, she does it effortlessly and doesn’t care what you think. I like the cap – funky and edgy.
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian rocking denim on denim in Paris. The fashionista wore a Balmain Bustier Denim shirt, Mother The Looker Ankle Fray Jeans and a suede Guiseppe Zanotti pumps. Kim is never found wanting when it comes to f…

They all reunite again!! Solonge, Jay Z and Beyonce

They were spotted at a family dinner looking so happy again. I am sure it isn't a new gist now...guys, about that attack! I mean that elevator fight, when Solonge attacked Jay Z and sexy Beyonce acted like it's no business of her's.

See pictures of family reunion:

Am happy they all look happy together like nothing happened. Nice one....

Reasons Why Feelings Die...

Did you read that post? I mean spark up that love again! Well if you didn't then click on the link to read. Just like the story I talked about in that post, about how her husband just lost interest and he himself just couldn't fathom. It hurts so much when someone you love stop loving you back and the sad news is though they may try hard to fight it back, it just may not come so easy. I believe true love never dies at least that was one thing I always heard when I was growing and I think it's true. That would be a topic for another day. Lol

These are some of the reasons people fall out of love or why they no longer feel for their partner. According to

Change: We all go through different phases of life and through it all there is one constant thing and that is change. You and your partner will individually go through transitions. Some might make you stronger, while some are likely to make you want to break out and run free.

I'll Be Back.....

Hi sweeties,

I am so sorry for my late post, been so occupied lately and I'm still hooked up on some very important things so I may not be able to post here until 9th or 10th of next month (June). That is about 3 weeks break, quite long but these things are very important and I need to concentrate.

I am promising you to come back better and more regular. I may post before then if I have the chance to but would be fully back by the date I mentioned above.

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Bye for now.....

Meet Naked Couples Who Feels Like They Are Adam And Eve

After man sinned against God he was driven out of the garden of Eden and guys you know beautiful that place was described in the Bible. This couple feels like having a taste of Eden so they created their own beautiful garden trying to be real by being naked. See their Photos below:

The Rules: good and to be kept or childish?

My childhood was a fantastic one just like many of you out there. Back in the days my mind wanders about so many things and at a tender age I got obessed with love matters. This isn't just about the usual romantic or erotic love but also loving and respecting people I see around me and trying to always respect and make people happy.

Back then I had a slum book and also a small cute diary where I wrote so many things I learnt from my elder sister, (who I looked up to as a role model) sharing ideals with friends and then also I got some personal inspirations.

Now bringing these 3 together I got some rules about love and life and how to play 'the game' perfectly. I put up a huge interest in studying people and why they act the way they do.  In the process I saw myself also as a love doctor who could tell you the truth about your relationship and if your boo truly loves you or not.
Well to a large extend I could predict but of course who was I to actually know the real mind o…

" Awww, So Sweet: Wedding Night of Bliss"

Few days back I attended a friend's wedding and I felt so happy like I was the one getting married. It is beautiful seeing love burning in the eyes of two people. You know what? "I love love stories".

So guys I believe this will be an interesting topic to talk about and you know what got me inspired to write about this? It was after seeing a movie where two lovers where about to make love on their wedding night but the lady was so scared because she was a 'V'and you know what, it looked really romantic the way she starred at him with eyes rolling and how she felt so soft and in love. Eventually when the hubby got on top she screamed softly and tenderly and I was like gush! So that was how I got inspired to write about wedding nights.

I Made A Wrong Choice, I Loved With My Heart....

I remember when I was younger and about to get into the university, I wanted to study medicine since it had been my childhood passion. My dad had sat me down and asked if I was sure of my career choice and added that in life there are three important choices to make which are: choice of a career, choice of one's partner and the choice of serving God or not. Eventually I made the right choice when it came to my career because today I am a successful medical doctor and I do some other things that fetches me money.

I choose the right career that has made me a sucessful woman but on another hand, I am the most unlucky when it comes to my love life.
All those years in medical school I was focused on my studies trying to mould myself to becoming a successful woman. I made good grades and graduated but never had a boyfriend.

During my Nysc I decided to start up a relationship but unfortunately it was an heartbreaking story that got me devestated. I could hardly come out of that shock be…

Brides Maid Get A Proposal From Her Boyfriend After Catching Wedding Banquet

A young lady, one of the bridesmaids at
her elder sister's wedding got a pleasant
surprise when her boyfriend got down
on one knee and proposed during the
wedding reception. The proposal
happened soon after the happy
bridemaid caught the bouquet as it was
tossed into the single ladies crowd at the event.

Kanyinsola was her sister's bridesmaid for the day and she never could have guessed that she'l be engaged to her boo the same day!
She gladly walked down the aisle with her elder sister, Subomi and played her role as one of the maids of honor...a few hours later, she was swept off the 'single ladies market'.

Nail Designs You Are Gonna Love!

Did you just remove those nail Polish and you are thinking of the next one you wanna have just like I am thinking right now.
I am getting so obsessed with nails this days and so I wanna share some pictures of beautiful nail designs you may wanna put on. Here they are:

Fashion Icon Of The Month: CEO Sweetsop Attires

She is beautiful and bold!! Meet the C.E.O Sweetsop Attires Guys this is an interview with a fashion designer/ fashionista and am promising to bring you guys every month some fashion icons you need to meet.
Below is the questions this beautiful Lady was asked when I actually spoke to her about featuring on this blog and her responses.

Please can we meet you? 
My names are Pam Simi, I am a Nigerian born and bred in Plateau State. I studied Architecture in Covenant University Ogun State and graduated in 2010 with a B.Sc degree in Architecture and immediately enrolled for my M.Sc in the same school and graduated in 2012, after which I went for my Youth Service and was posted back to Ogun State.

How do you relate fashion to Architecture?
Architecture and Fashion design are both similar as they both have to do with designing. The truth is, I have always had the passion for Fashion from a very young age of 9 when I used to watch my aunt make dresses for people everyday. She would ask me to hel…