This Thing Called Fashion...

Hi guys...

I wanna tell you something that happened back then in my 100 level. I remember wearing a striped skirt on a polka dot shirt to lecture one morning and my friends where laughing . Lol.

Guys don't mind me you know back then we did some silly things.

I got to class that day and a course mate of mine walked up to me "babe, you don't wear polka dot on stripes, no stripes on stripes, no polka dot on pattern etc". I was like seriously, was I stupid rocking that?

I was just in 100 level then. Hehehe, today that shit is now an amazing thing but I would say 'Na wa for fashion o".
It seems it's no longer a big deal to wear polka dot on stripes. It even looks lovely or what do you guys think?

 See this beautiful picture below
Isn't this cute?

Seems that fashion rule is off now right. See another picture of  a lady killingit with that strip skirt and polka dot blouse.

I also remember the days when wearing big maxi skirt or glown was awful. It was for the born again deeper life girls but you know now...When something is fashion it comes out again looking wow!

Lots of babe rocking it and it looked so perfect and sexy

Again I saw the latest trend for guys on BUITI'S BLOG 
Guys check more of it out on that blog.

Male blog visitors here at Exclusive Tins blog, would you rock meggies?


  1. Loll!
    That's the thing with fashion, it usually seems confused. That's why its important to discover your own style and stick to it.

  2. lolz,i tink wat i would start doin is wearin wat looks gud on mi,thanks temmi


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