Style: The twisted wrapper trend

I just love it!
It isn' t new but it' s trending more now,  it makes every woman look great. So right now so many ladies tie their wrapper to church and other social events  using flowery fabrics like satin, velvet, george, sequence and colourful beautiful laces. I actually tied it to church some few Sundays back on a gold blouse using a purple velvet but just couldn't make it look perfectly like the pictures below.

Now, when I got to church I was feeling so cool with myself and at the end of the service in church a woman called me. I was wondering why not knowing she had been watching me even when I went towards the alter to drop my offering, she complemented that I looked beautiful but I just don't know how to tie a wrapper well.
I could see it on her face, she felt like loosing it and tieing it properly for me. It was actually funny when I told her "mummy, this is the style in vogue". She kept gazzing at me as I walked. She kept believing this girl just doesn't wanna learn how to tie a wrapper appropriately and my mind was wondering too why she hasn't seen lots of young girls tie it this way. So hey you! Am sure you must have been seeing this twisted wrapper also known aslo known as knot wrapper.


How to tie it is simple so incase you aren' t perfect yet just like I wasn't all you need do is:
1. Grab both ends of the wrapper
2. Bring the ends across each other and
interchange your hands.
3. twist the ends, switch them across each other and take to the back.
4. tie it neatly either by tucking the loose ends in or leave them hanging from the knotted edge.


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