Short Story: The vengful baby.

The skies rumbled with thunder and flashes of lightening hovered on the surface of the cloud. His footsteps cause a quake on the ground as the wind blew eddy around the forest. The bloody vengeful baby had stepped upon the land of Zuma to full his jar with more blood. He looked horrible with a cracked face; one eye was gone from his bloody scary face. He sauntered dangerously into the village; his coming was accompanied by some strange music as the trees flaunted their long green hair because of the wind that came along like a messenger of this deadly vengeful baby. While all these were going on, I had sat at grandpa’s feet listening to all those loveable stories he tells me about fairies and fables.
Grandma was at the corner of the hut pounding ‘IYan’ for the family but I had refused to assist her because I was fond of papa and love listening to him telling me stories. Iyan is our local food as Yoruba’s known as pounded yam in English. I remember how grandpa had started the story. As usual, he had cleared his throat and began….

Once upon a time, in Nigeria there was a town amongst the old Oyo Empire called ‘Ile Eje.’ Meaning ‘land of blood’. There lived a black maiden called Asake. She hailed from this village and it is a village where strange and weird things happen. Papa always tells me about this land, he tells me lots of terrifying things about it yet I wasn’t afraid and I was inquisitive to hear more.

Papa cleared his throat as he continued.. Asake was loved by everybody not only because of her beauty but also her humility and hardworking nature. She was a pride to her parents and every mother wished they had her for a child, they always use her to set examples to their wayward daughters but this made almost all the young ladies in the village envious and they hated her so much.

Before grandpa continued the story I began to hear the rumbling of thunder, lightening, voices and strange music accompanied by the weird and unusual wind. It was just few minutes after 8pm at that time. There was chaos as mama threw away the mortar and pestle and ran towards me. She grabbed me with fear and ordered me into our hurt. Papa was a fearless man, he ordered us in as he stood face to face with the strange wind. We began to beckon on him through our window in great fear but he declined. That night we all slept in fear and I wish the holiday was over or I could just disappear back to Lagos to meet my parents.
After some time I just couldn’t think of anything as mama was wailing that we all be alright, the rain continued heavily as we shivered in out thatch hut. It was so heavy that after sometime we began to feel rain drop on our bamboo bed and this kept me shivering more.

The following morning papa and some other chiefs in the town headed straight to the king ‘kabiesi’ for he had sent for them. They needed to consult the gods because of the evil occurrence that had claimed the life of 10 children and 5 men. They needed to find out where the problem came from.

 This story will be continued…. Still working on it, you guys stay tune here. coming soon!


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