Short story: Molested!!

Zacky pushed her into the bed room, with tears gushing endlessly from her eyes she tried to smuggle her way back into the sitting room but he was stronger and faster and he quickly pressed her back against the wall.
He placed his mouth forward towards her lips and even though she tried hard to push him off, his lips met hers and he kissed her deep.
Pamela burnt in penury as he forcefully torn off her blouse so eager to see underneath it. He headed straight to her bra strap tearing it apart and he pressed his unclad chest against her boobs then she grasp for breath and just couldn't take it anymore as he began to lick every part of her.
She yelled "please stop this!", but he was deaf.
She needed an escape route but his giant body still pressing her against the wall was too powerful for her defense. She cried out again as he pushed her on the bed, removing her panties, he threw them away.
She was now totally bare. She screamed in penury as he inserted his long disgusting rod thrusting in and out, endlessly on her.
She was hurt beyond words and this was the last thing she could ever imagine would become of her, A victim of rape, this is the worst that could happen to any lady!
She screamed so hard as he cupped his hands on her mouth, there was no escape for her as the weight of his body pined her to the bed and the more she tried to pull out, the more she was weak and ready to surrender all.
Zack was in pure ecstasy, sweating profusely. He grabbed her boobs caressing it forcefully and giving her more bitter kisses on her mouth and as the balls of his sweat dropped on her beautiful suffering face she screamed more louder. He didn't care what she was going through as long as he was satisfied with himself so he continued to play with her body. Pamela began to marvel within her because this was a one sided horrible experience, someone was passing through great pain just because another person needed to satisfy his selfish feelings and she wept more because she happened to be the victim..
When he was tired and had poured out his milk, he finally lay on the bed totally unclad. He looked into her face as tears flew endlessly from her eyes but instead of sympathy he smiled and then tired, he lay back on the bed.
"I hate you monster" is all she could say, with no humanism in him he smiled like she wasn't talking to him. He was Happy he had a taste of her soft beautiful skin and her tears gave him respite. He loved those tears and pain she was going through and he didn't even care about the blood that gushed out when he forced his dick on her,all he cared was that he loved it.
Zacky was a devil in deed.
Pamela lay on the bed weak admits tears as her heart travelled to the land of thoughts.
Zacky left off slamming the door behind him. Images of the aftermath of that horrible experience began to creep into her mind. She felt like she was in another world. A new life of pay back. All this young lady of 22 could only think right now was vengeance. She didn't care if she took the laws into her hands. She had 3 people to pay back, Toyin and Nnena who deluded her and finally the man who tore her apart. That horrible creature called Zacky who treated her like a mere animal with no views about life or who never deserve a reason not to be tormented. That dirty, filthy, disgusting Zack must die, she thought. What he had just done was rape, he was a molester and a monster. She was determined to break this man, destroy anything he loved in his life since he never cared about how she felt.
to be continued....

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  1. that guy is really mad;hw i wish i could help ha


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