Short Fiction: "I loved and lost" 3

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Those words hit me hard on my face but I still needed to explain to him what happened, why I slept at Hassan's room and the fact that it wasn't what he thought, I didn't do anything with Hassan.

He finally opened the door to his room and as I came in, he walked off to the table at the corner of his room getting a bottle of Nightrain and gulping it.. His eyes were red, I knew he was heart broken and disapointed but he just wouldn't listen to me.

I went on my kneels as hot tears clouded my vision but he didn't look at me or cared to listen to what I had to say. After a few seconds he had finished that bottle, he got up to get a bottle of Vodka, this drink was becoming too much. He was hurt inside of him I knew he was doing all that to get relieved but he was hurting himself more.  "Please David, stop this, you are hurting yourself" I got closer and touched his shoulder trying to Calm him down then he looked at me in disgust and slapped me, he kicked me off his way leaving the room and banging the door behind him.
I couldn't believe this, David never acted violently to me ever since I met him so it was obvious I was losing him. Maybe we may never get along together again. My heart was torn into pieces, what was happening to me? I should have told him I was coming, all these wouldn't have happened but I did it to catch him red handed if he had other girls here in Kano. Little did I know that it will turn as me  being the bad girl.

David never came back that night, I slept all to myself in his room like an outcast. Now I was loosing my patience too, afterall, he owed me an explanation too. I was ready to confront him now anytime he was back although it was becoming unbearable knowing David no longer cared about me hurt me to my bones.

I waited another day for his return but he didn't come back so I knew I had to go. I wrote a note to him narrating everything to him about my fears, my plan with Hassan to come and exactly what happened that night.

The note ended with: "I love you David  but you still owe me any explanation too. I need you to answer me, Why didn't you pick up when I called, where did you sleep that night? I need your answers baby. Lastly, do you still love me?"
His love was what mattered more to me, I didn't want an end to the relationship, leaving without him was unthinkable.

After dropping this note I dressed up and left. I headed back to Lagos with my heart broken, I dropped the note on his table.

I set off for my journey back to Lagos shedding tears. Half way to Lagos I got a call from David requesting that I returned back to kano but it was too late. I just didn't feel like, I wanted him to come himself to Lagos and I still needed an explanation on those questions I asked him in my letter.

That very night when I got back to Lagos, I got a call from David saying he was on his way to Lagos but that moment he called was the last time I ever heard from him. He sent a message explaining where he was that night. He actually slept at a friends place because of the boredom in his corpers quater. That night his battery was low and he left it at his friends room while they both left for the bar so he never saw my missed call and I had kept calling him untill his battery finally drained. He was actually right, he usually goes out to that friend's place, he tells me also about that friend of his on phone.

I waited endlessly for him for days and weeks but he was no where to be found until finally I heard he was a victim of a ghastly motor accident along the express.

My tears forms an ocean but it just can't bring my love back. I know I made a lot of mistakes that caused this mess. I should have trusted him or when he asked me to return on my way back to Lagos maybe I should have done that and maybe he wouldn't have died.

I miss David so much and the vacuum left is irreplaceable. Indeed, "I fell in love but I lost it.

Did you enjoy this or what do you think of this Lara and David's story. I would love to hear your views, constructive criticism etc and also let's talk about the story, who went wrong?


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