Short Fiction: "I Loved and Lost" 1

I had met David when I was just 14years and in SS1.Back then he usually came visiting my neighborhood because he had some friends there and a couple of times I had seen him but there was no special feelings for him. I was innocent and just knew him as one handsome looking guy who stares at me anytime I walked pass, making me so shy.

I remember the first day I had fallen in love with him. That morning I was in an haste to school while he was walking into our compound to visit my neighbor. They were actually course mates in university of Lagos and best of friends that's why he always came around.

He was putting on a face cap that day, a T-shirt and a jean and we both kept staring at ourselves endlessly to the extend that my dad even noticed it. He called me 'Lara!' and so I had to hurry into the car because I was almost getting late for school. I smiled gently as the car drove off and the images of him kept on lingering in me. I remember the way he had rolled his tongue softly in a seductive manner when he saw me and how he winked his eyes bursting my brain so badly.Gush!
That day in school I kept thinking about him and wishing I would see him again. The feelings I had for him made me start thinking out of the usual.

As innocent as I used to be I felt different. I felt like kissing him, holding him and not letting him go to the extend that my friends noticed that I was not alright.
That day when I got back home, I felt so uneasy with myself when I realized that he was not around anymore. He was gone....hehehee.
Imagine my thinking, was he actually supposed to stay there waiting for my return? Funny right, but that was exactly what I wished for.

As days crawled by, he kept coming around to my neighbor's house but we never had the chance to talk because I was always locked up at home until one fateful evening, my mum sent me on an errand to the mall. I put on my shorts and a blouse, combed my long natural hair and hurried out before the day went dark.
I looked beautiful without makeup, I was still a teenager then and so I had no such time for makeup yet my beauty glowed.

That day when I got outside I saw some guys in my neighborhood staring at me and laughing sarcastically. Well I didn't look at them but hurried down the road so I could come back on time.
A few miles away from home I felt someone's footstep, the person was heading towards me but I was so scared to look back because the path was a very lonely one. All of a sudden I felt someone's hands on my shoulder and when I turned around to my dismay it was David I found standing and gazing into my eyes. I could see the color of love and the fire burning tremendously in his eyes...

That day he walked me down to the mall and we both joked and laughed like we have been so used to ourselves. Although I tried avoiding an eye contact with him because I was so shy.

To cut the long story short we started our blissful relationship. He was my first love and the best man anyone can ever have. We went through the thick and thin part of life, we were always there together sharing everything, both body and soul. We also shared our joy and pains together.

We became the talk of the town to the extend that my parents eventually knew him and had to accept him. He met the whole world to me. He would do anything to make me happy and likewise me but he had a weakness, my baby could have 8 rounds of sex without getting tired. In fact, he can't stay a day without sex. I took the pain to always make him satisfied because I loved him and I was too jealous to see him run into the arms of another girl.

I got  into the university 3 years after I met him and then he was already serving but things began to turn around when he was posted to Kano to serve and I was left in Lagos. The distance was too unbearable for us and remember David was a sex freak so I wanted to always be there for him. This got me really frustrated and I got really insecure when we had to face this long distance thing.

David still usually call me and make all then promises of life that he can never leave me but I could hardly trust him so one day I decided to pay him a surprise visit. I called one of his friend who served with him in Kano to send me the address and that was how I took out for the journey. It was a long distance but I still insisted in keeping mute about my coming to him.

The journey took a while but finally when I arrived at Kano I took a taxi to his house but to my utmost surprise he wasn't home. I had arrived at Kano at 7am in the mourning and waited for him over 4 hours and already loosing my patience so I had to give him a call but he wasn't picking up so I decided to text his friend about my arrival.

Hassan his friend ran quickly to see me, he kept admiring me telling me David didn't know what he had. He added that David had become a drunk, very aggressive and paid less concern about me.

That day I refused to stay anywhere waiting for David's return but to my surprise he never did. His phone was ringing but he was not picking up until eventually it was switched off. I cried that night when Hassan told me David was aware of my visitation. I had no where to go that night, didn't know anyone else apart from Hassan so I had to sleep over at Hassan's apartment which was too far from David's room.

I slept at Hassan's room and watch out what happened after that day. *covers face *

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  1. pls finish d story o..patientl

  2. Don't worry deari am gonna post it anytime soon, this evening or tomoro.

    Thanks so much *smiles

  3. Nice story,wah happened is so clear hmm not good anyway!

  4. Suspense suspense!! Temi!! Loved it :-)

  5. i can nt just wait 2 c d concluding part; pls temmi don't b lng


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