Short Fiction : " I Loved and Lost" 2

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The day was already getting very dark and as I sauntered inside his room my heart wandered. Many things kept creeping inside of me but I had no choice, there was no hotel close by neither did I know any other person in Kano. I had to sleep over...

Hassan pulled off his shirt and trousers leaving him with just his boxers. The sight of him undressing made me remember David's body. It was sexy, he smelt nicely and his smiles were breathtaking. I gave a sad smile on my face because I loved David and no man can look better in my eyes than him.

Hassan sauntered into the bathroom, the room was quite and the only sound that was heard was from the bathroom as the gentle water rained down on him.
I rested my head on the pillow facing the ceiling and thinking about David until finally I slept without even having my bath.

I was in my subconscious when i felt something moving around me like electricity and waking me up to the sad reality of where I was. I felt that hand around my belle button heading up towards my boobs. "What the hell!" I said as I threw Hassan's hands off me.
For God's sake this guy was half nude and badly feeling horny begging that I make him feel alright. I was not so disappointed anyway because of all he negative things he said earlier in the day about David. David may be wrong but the manner at which Hassan  had told me made it obvious he had something up his sleeves.

I looked at Hassan with disgust as he brought his lips closer to mine. I myself was almost giving yield to him when he kissed me but then I remembered I just won't forgive myself if anything transpired and by the way I couldn't cheat on David, I loved him so much.

I  raced from the bed and Hassan pulled me back. "just this night please, I swear I would treat you right" .

He came closer as he kissed my neck and I ranted "get yourself off me!" He almost tore my clothes this time as he kept kissing almost every part of me then I got hold of the closest weapon and hit him hard on his face. I just had to do this because I needed to be safe.

Hassan began to burn in fury as he got hold of me again and tears flew down my cheeks. He pushed me removing his boxers and as he came closer  I kicked him on his  'small man' and he fell to the floor lossing his grip on me.

I feared serious danger as I ran to get the door but where would I be going at that time, it was 1:20 am.

Hassan got up with a more fierceful look and as I ran towards the door he got hold of me. I turned towards him expecting the worst this time, maybe he will be more forceful, kill me, beat me up or anything worse if there was but to my surprise I found him on his kneels seeking for forgiveness.
I didn't know what to say as tears rolled down his cheeks gushing out tremedously. "I am so sorry Lara, I never met to act the way I did".

Should I actually believe him and go ahead back into the room or just find a way out of his room but the sad news was I had no way so I had to succumb to him. He held me leading me again to his bed and admits tears He begged that he didn't have any of such intention but I was just irresistible.
I took a scornful look at him as he said those words and I shook my head speaking to myself "if I had let him be, this mad guy would have gotten down on me". All the same I was happy that I didn't and as he kept on apologising saying David would be disappointed and we should keep it between ourselves. He begged like his world was on fire until finally I promised not to tell David about this...

Hassan slept off but his time I couldn't because I was burnt, heartbroken and wounded. I was lost in thoughts until I heard a knock at the door.
Hassan rose up to check who was there but to our surprise, Hassan and I saw David standing at the door with a fierce look on his face.

I headed straight to him when he turned back to go "David I can explain" but he never answered me as he walked off and finally when I was still adamant chasing after him, he turned looking into my eyes and stuttered these words "you are nothing but a bitch".

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