Our bus will surely come, only a matter of time

I lay on my cute little bed, I always feel happy when on it because no other bed gives me much comfort like mine but today was different, my eyes and heart felt heavy as I reflected at my challenges in life. The pain I felt wasn’t the pain so visible to every one because I know it's for a short while but what made me cry was the mountains standing before the short term solutions. My believe about life is to always take it easy that life isn’t hard if you take it that way but hard when you take it hard. Now I felt it different, if one keeps playing away all the time without thinking for a second about your troubles, sometimes one look unserious or unreasonable so am sure I wasn’t wrong to be sad because everyone needs to think even though the believe is life is easy if you take it well. The way you control situations is the power you have over your challenges.

I reasoned how I suffered back then in school, yaay! everyone has tasted pain at a point in life even though the degree varies. We all have shared part of life’s struggle and pain, even that unconscious little baby who just started kindergarten has began his hustle and struggle in life. Then in my undergraduate days I remember how the potters in my dear ‘gorified secondary school’ will stop me at the reception that my makeup is too much or my skirt is too short and I feel so bad been asked to change it or clean the make up. I love looking good every time so it was no fault of mine, lol. I had to bear some of those embarrassment in school, numerous ones like not been able to hang out the way you like, go out when I like and more. It was discipline I agree but it was one of those things we had to sacrifice.  Compared to so many people it may not have been a big deal cos so many people have seen a lot of hardship and pain in life but am just saying my own here, no matter how small every one has been hurt in a way or another and has hustled to make a good future. I remember burning the night candles to make a good result, waking up and hurrying for 7 o’clock lectures, been sent out of the class if am late and depriving myself of so many things and eventually making a very good result to show for it. All these where part of the hustle no matter how little.

In life I can't just count some silent days when I felt emotionally downcast because I didn’t have all other girls had and as much as I was a huge fashion lover I was determined not to get desperate to get all I needed and so I was just that ’random girl' because it was sacrifice for a better future. I was not the most beautiful but thank God I had many admirers so I had the opportunity to go naughty but I choose to take life one step at a time. Am not claiming to be a saint, have got so may naughty things I did too but I am grateful to God for it all. 

Lastly I remember how I was a love doctor who writes so much about love and believe I should be a perfect good lady who will find that prince charming one that….who will love me with every breath in him and I was gonna love him too. I am writing this because I am actually driving into somewhere. If you are out there with something similar and have struggled so much and made sacrifices to find favor and good luck in life but right now it seems like everything isn’t working out perfectly keep reading because am driving into somewhere but before I hit the nail on the head let me tell you that after all those sacrifices and pain everything looks stagnant, there are no jobs, no more business ideals and I begin to wonder if all those pains where worth it. I met some old school mates somewhere in Ikeja some few weeks ago and we got talking about this that maybe in life it was better to be bad because the bad girls get the jobs first, gets the cute rich and lovable men first and the good girls keep looking like dummies these days so maybe it wasn’t worth it after all. I remember reading something similar in a blog thelmathinks, and I commented that yea bad girls kind of make it first. I remember I also shared this with my mum who insisted there is a price for been good but I declined that be good because it’s good to be good but not like there is really a reward for being good. Although she stuck to her word but I hope I find a reason to believe that. 

Now let’s talk about the topic of the day; ''our bus will come, only a matter of time’’ as I kept rolling on my bed troubled with heaviness I huge force pushed me down into a trance and I sank down and wallowed in the pool of the past. In it I saw myself having climbed a small hill from Magodo gate to secretariat hoping to get a bus to Berger. I can’t forget meeting a couple of people already been waiting there for over an hour. I remember that old woman with a basket of tomato, a young lady with a dirty bleached skin and huge tribal marks, that cute little baby starring into her mum’s eyes and that handsome guy with dreads that I was almost crushing on. We where all waiting for the bus to come alongside many other people who I couldn’t remember but the road was too congested and all the buses we saw where full and the only few ones we saw where heading towards Mowe Ibafo and when we shouted 'Berger' the conductor gave a negative sign. We all kept standing for long yet no bus. It was already getting dark. Finally we saw a bus coming from the left direction shouting ‘Berger, Berger” we all starting off to catch it taking to our heels . We struggled to get in, I remember how a young man almost pushed me off but I tried hard and finally entered. I looked around  to see any familiar face but only saw that bleached skin lady and the old woman and then as I kept looking I didn’t understand how a man smuggled himself in, he had just arrived some few seconds earlier while we have been waiting all along. As the bus drove slowly I looked back and saw that baby and her mum who didn’t make it to the bus and also saw that young guy on dreads still standing waiting for another bus. I wonder how long they will still wait but I know their bus will surely come. This is how life is I told myself. We all will get to our destination, some people wait for ling while others don't but it will surely come.

I remember the story of a man who hired laborers to work on his farm at a cost permit me to say $50 and they worked for hours so hard but just few hours to the finishing point the man found few more people to give them an helping hand and at the end he paid them all the same amount. Though the first people where angry but the man insisted that the price remains the same no matter what. That is life, some people come so soon and get it so soon but I wish and ask that the master keeps us not so long before we get to our destination just like the people who came later and got the same pay.

In a nutshell, after all the reflections I rose from my bed with huge smile, back now to reality. That was how I consoled myself. Our bus will surely come. This is how life is, there is always time for everyone no matter how long so I know a good job will come only a matter of time, true love will come, children will come and lots more of life wishes will definitely come just a matter of time. Life is easy when we take things easy and put all our worries at the feet of the master.


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