Love quotes

Hi guys....been really long I dropped some emotional tips/love quotes so I have decided to do so now. Send it to your love and make his head blow! Lol

1. Finding you is the greatest thing I ever discovered

Knowing you is the wisest thing I ever did and I am the most fortunate being to have you baby...

2. Your love is a water to my soul
It's a music I can't stop singing
You are my life and heartbeat...

3. I wanna feel you baby, to hold you tight in my arms like never before. It feels so good with you and sweeter when you kiss my lips.

4. In my chest lays my heart, in my heart there your memory lives. As long as my heart keeps on, your love and memory will forever remain in me.

5. Where are u my love? The fire you set in me is still burning heavily. You better come and quench it before I die of missing you.

6. You are the first citizen of my heart. Though the world might not see u that way but I that's what you are to me and I hope I mean the world to you to.


  1. Waoh!9ice write up baby.@van-nelson lee

  2. i love dis,am gonna write it out


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