I am confused about marrying my best friend's boyfriend. Please hear my story

A lady told me about her story seeking for an advise and I was really dumbfounded seriously so I decided to share it here on this blog hoping that people comment by giving reasonable advises to her.
Read her story….

I have always been that simple, innocent girl, not so attractive but beautiful. Back in school I was reserved, and in the midst of my peers I was just that quiet looking girl. I was mindful of what I did and always try to keep my pride hoping that one day I will find true love. Did I just say true love? Hmmm every time I had the chance to love my best friend Nneka was always at the front. She had all the looks, curves and boldness to sweep a guy off his feet. I was no match to her but I just can’t explain why we were actually friends. She was a great fashion icon and I admired her too although I didn’t envy how she got her money to look that beautiful and flashy. She was tall; light skinned, busty, fully endowed and the apple of everyone’s eyes. Everyone preferred her to me and she usually tells me to wake up from my slumber and be like her but I stood my ground knowing who I was and where I came from.

She was a good and loveable friend but bad when it came to guys. I remember how she snatched my boyfriend when we were in our final year. I loved that guy with every breath in me; he was the first I ever loved. I had met him one day in the library and he had kept starring at me making me so shy. Finally to cut the long story short we got talking as he walked me down to my apartment where Nneka and I lived. We stood outside for hours as we spoke and laughed, there was this unexplainable chemistry between us. I got used to him as time crept by and had fallen so much for him. We hanged out and shared a lot of secrets. He was tall and very handsome and he was also from a rich home so he had a lot of money and showered me with lots of gifts. He had the swag and money and the fact that I was dating him alone gave me reap then in school. He thought me to believe in myself that I am beautiful, he thought me how to love and I shared every part of me with him. He was the first guy who broke my virginity and I was happy and satisfied with him. I couldn’t hide this from Nneka, I always told her about him and the first day she saw him I remember she made a statement that I do not deserve that guy and that if he had saw her first, it wouldn’t have been me. I felt sad about it but only tried to improve on my looks so no girl snatches my man from me.
One faithful day I just couldn’t believe everything we both shared began to tear apart. He stopped calling me, and when I called, he nagged at me over the phone. He didn’t care about me anymore and I did all I could to get him back and even up till date I can’t understand where I went wrong. All these did hurt me so much but what made me cry the most was when I heard from people that Nneka my friend was the cause of the break up that she told him silly things about me and she was already dating him. I asked her why she did that but she swore with heaven and earth that she was not the cause of my breakup and in fact she was helping me talk to him.

That is by the way, during our NYSC I was posted to Kano and she was posted to Benin. I was happy that I would no longer be seeing her because I knew I had to keep a distant from her. Can you believe she called me one day telling me she was in Kano to see one Alhaji and that where did I live. I sent her my address and she came visiting. She slept 2 nights in my place and we talked about many things. She apologized for what she did in school saying Timi was too handsome for her to resist and that she was sorry never to behave that way again. I knew she hasn’t changed because if she has changed what was she doing in Kano. Anyway, I believed her that we continued been good friends, I told her about my new boyfriend Gbenga who I met in camp and was in love with. I showed her his pictures but little did I know she stole his pin from my phone and started preaching the gospel of love to him. He told me everything and showed me some pictures she even sent to him. Her nude pictures for that matter, I read all her chats and this time I was determined to pay back.

Finally, after NYSC I broke up with that guy I met in camp, long story, but I moved on. She invited me for a wedding which I attended and then introduced me to a young handsome man working in an oil company. She said he was her fiancĂ©. FiancĂ© indeed. This man couldn’t stop starring at me and for the first time I felt like a queen over her. First I just wanted to use that opportunity to pay her back but I have found out that this guy in question is actually in love with me, I can't  expalin everything here but he's been begging me to come see his parents that he wanna marry me. I love him and he has explained why he can't marry her. He calls me evey now and then and I can't imagine not having him in my life but I am still skeptical about it because I hope I will be doing the right thing. I will be 27 this year and he is 29, I am now a comfortable lady working with UBA so it's not about the money he has. I think I have fallen for him but another reason am scared of marrying him is because Nneka has been ranting that she will do anything to have him back from me and I am so scared. Please I need your advice, should move ahead to marrying my best friend's boyfriend? Remember all she did to me back then..


  1. na wa the picture* i pray such never
    happens cos her type will kill u diabolically.just be wise

  2. Hmmm. Such a situation one has to be careful

  3. All is well!just pray 2God 2lead u rite.@van-nelson lee


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