Don't be in a rush!!

Initially I wanted this topic to be "don’t be in a rush, don’t be a heart breaker’’ but I realized it’s not just about not being a heart breaker but also don't get yourself into a mess.

Now let's review why you shouldn't be in a rush into a relationship like friendship, love affair or marriage and the implications of actually rushing Into any relationship.
Maybe your ex lover just broke up with you and you feel so devastated then you think you need someone to make you feel happy again and so you just jump on the most available guy or babe you find clinging to you. You just need that person to make you get over him or her and make you feel alright but this is a rebound and it just isn’t the best way to go about it. All you need do is understand that he or she was just a branch or leaf you met in  life try the when you have to go therapy and move on.

You could be in a rush into a relationship when you don’t take your time to study someone. You feel everyone has a boyfriend or girlfriend or everyone is getting married so you jump into any available man you see. This is common with we ladies.

You may also wanna prove you are beautiful and guys are coming even though you are still a teen and ought to get your mind fixed on your study or you feel the guy is very handsome, rich or perfect so you don’t take your time to study him or her. It could be you are of the age of marriage maybe almost clocking 30, seriously it is understandable  but you really need to be careful not to be in a rush.

Are you madly in a rush into a relationship?

Some implications of rushing: you get married to a wolf or a beast just like some stories I read some time ago at Linda Ikeji’s blog about a lady who realized her boyfriend was a cultist and so decided to break up with him. He threatened to kill her and her entire family. You know what? He actually succeeded in destroying that girl's family except the girl and her elder sister who escaped death. I can’t remember the entire story again but what I know is that people are cruel and so we need not to rush.

I also remember the story of a guy who cut off the throat of his girlfriend because she refused to date and sleep with him again. He actually raped her to death ploughing a knife through her throat since she refused to give him willingly. When the policemen came he busted out in tears saying it was a mistake that he actually loved her.

All these are by the way, so many sad stories here and there but I agree that not being in a rush is not the passport to get that perfect guy or woman because we never can know anyone perfectly.
Another implication of been in a rush is finding yourself in the arms of someone you do not have affection for and as much as you try to it just isn't working at all. I remember I have heard stories and watched movies of women who were so much in love with their boyfriend but couldn't wait when he traveled out and so rushed into marrying someone else and when he came back they find themselves cheating on their hubby with him or trying so hard to live with that hubby, someone they didn't love.

What about the heart break issue? This is another implication of been in a rush. Everyone has hurt others at one point in life. It’s something that happens and that’s why the elders say don’t smell what you can’t eat. You know he is just not the right one for you yet you stick to him and like a fish and it's bait you no longer can escape.

So my advice is to take your time to study anyone even if it is a mere relationship instead of just jumping into dating or marrying someone who you don't feel for and at the end you get yourself into a mess like breaking someone's heart, cheating on your spouse, spending your life with someone you don't love or you ending up with someone who eventually tears you apart.

So in a nutshell I think it's good to take your time to be sure about someone and you guys should always define your relationship. I think defining it, understanding what you both want for yourself goes a long way.

I hope this post is reasonable to someone out there but guys I am actually driving somewhere so you chill for my next post "don't keep love waiting too long on the friend zone".


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