Beauty Trend: Fake Natural Eyebrow

I was discussing with one of my friend about what facial routine she does to keep her skin so soft and fresh like that of a baby. She happens to be a makeup artist so we advanced to make up and I was like she must teach me how to highlight and contour perfectly. Later we advanced to another topic about the eyebrow and we talked about making your eyebrow look perfectly like a professional. It was then I told her about the latest trend. The fake eyebrow, 100% human hair, Lol.
She didn't even know of it and it sounded funny because she is in the makeup line and I had to be breaking that news to her. Well, I realised it's really a new trend and I have to post it here so in case one or two people aren't aware.
When I first saw it two things came to my mind:
Firstly, I love the concept because making your eyebrow look really nice is hectic for some people and so with this fake eye brow all they need do is put a little amount of glue across your real eyebrow line and then place the fake lace brow on it. It looks finely shaped, neat, natural and beautiful.  Also, it's very good and easier for those without a full eyebrow because it saves all that time of trying to get that natural look with an eye pencil or eyebrow filler.
On the other hand, I got thinking that maybe very soon, ladies, we are gonna be having pretty fake pointed noise and maybe ears too. Lolzz. Don't mind me, not judging because very soon I may decide to rock my own fake natural brow too and post the picture here.
Do have a lovely time...bye for now.


  1. Just discovered your blog and I,m just so obsessed with it. I hope u keep it up

  2. Awww, thanks so much deari, I really appreciate.

  3. nice write up!

  4. I just stumbled on your blog, Do you mind following each other

    1. @Chiemela Steve I just checked your blog now and I must confess it's really lovely. Already following you dear


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