Achieve that perfect skin. Products that work!

Achieve that perfect skin with 3 products that works...
I will be sharing with you guys some skin beauty routine because it's one on the areas I pay so much attention to. The beauty of a woman starts with the skin and when your skin looks naturally healthy and flawless you need not apply much makeup yet you stand out. In fact when you use the same makeup products your mates use people will think you've applied all the most expensive skin care products/cosmetics but it isn't so but the amount of time and attention you create for your natural skin.
Back in secondary school my face wasn't so smooth and I got really bothered untill I stumbled across my facial scrub. I use apricot scrub and it works wonders.
Products that work:
1. Facial scrubs: just like I have said a good facial scrub like st.ives Apricot scrub, Eden Apricot scrub, clean and clear scrub are very good. It exfoliates the skin removing dead cells and keeps the skin brighter. It also clears white heads popularly known as 'egusi'. Note that excess exfoliation isn't too healthy for the skin so when you're just starting use it once everyday but subsequently use it like twice a week. It is a good product for both male and female, so guys using this doesn't make you gay.Lol

2. Lotion/moisturizers: use a gentle lotion to keep skin fresh and soft. People have testified that E45 cream or lotion works makes the skin brighter and yet non-bleaching.

4. Oil control: if you have an oily or combination skin and everytime you make up few minutes after the skin gets oily again don't worry it can be controlled to a large extend. You can do this using face steaming. If you wish you can also use facial cleansers, there are so many in the market so make your choice but I personally gave up on cleansers long time ago because they make my face too dry yet the oil still shows so I prefer face steaming. Another way to control oil is by using an oil control gel as a base for your makeup and an example is that of marykay and finally you don't have to worry any more if you have the oil blotting tissue, i use it so i don't have to apply my powder again for the day yet the makeup looks as fresh as ever.


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  1. E45 is a very good skin product.


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