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This Thing Called Fashion...

Hi guys...

I wanna tell you something that happened back then in my 100 level. I remember wearing a striped skirt on a polka dot shirt to lecture one morning and my friends where laughing . Lol.

Guys don't mind me you know back then we did some silly things.

I got to class that day and a course mate of mine walked up to me "babe, you don't wear polka dot on stripes, no stripes on stripes, no polka dot on pattern etc". I was like seriously, was I stupid rocking that?

I was just in 100 level then. Hehehe, today that shit is now an amazing thing but I would say 'Na wa for fashion o".
It seems it's no longer a big deal to wear polka dot on stripes. It even looks lovely or what do you guys think?

 See this beautiful picture below
Isn't this cute?

Tips on Being a Good Boyfriend

1. Listen to her:

once you've nailed the first few dates, it's time to take that next step and go from date to boyfriend. While it might seem like the pressure is off, you need to work just as hard or harder to impress your girl. If you want to be a good boyfriend, then make sure to follow these tips! When you're in a relationship, you'll be doing a lot of conversation. That's why the first tip for being a good boyfriend is to listen to her; and ideally,you'll care about what she's saying. Even if you're tempted to tune her out, don't do it. Show that you find her opinions interesting by doing these: Occasionally agree or ask questions when she's talking. Repeat back important information. Remove distractions, like TV or video games. Offer to talk later if you're having a hard time focusing.

2. Be Honest and Open With Her
In awkward situations, you might be tempted to lie to your girlfriend, but honesty really is the best policy. Not only is …

Personality of the day.

Hello sweets,
Today we are having our first personality of the day.

Meet the beautiful, young and lively diva who happens to be my younger sister, Damilola Adegbite (mzposh). This princess adds another year today..

 Her pictures here...

Short Fiction: "I loved and lost" 3

CLICK HERE to read the part 1 of the story and HERE to read the part 2
Those words hit me hard on my face but I still needed to explain to him what happened, why I slept at Hassan's room and the fact that it wasn't what he thought, I didn't do anything with Hassan.
He finally opened the door to his room and as I came in, he walked off to the table at the corner of his room getting a bottle of Nightrain and gulping it.. His eyes were red, I knew he was heart broken and disapointed but he just wouldn't listen to me.
I went on my kneels as hot tears clouded my vision but he didn't look at me or cared to listen to what I had to say. After a few seconds he had finished that bottle, he got up to get a bottle of Vodka, this drink was becoming too much. He was hurt inside of him I knew he was doing all that to get relieved but he was hurting himself more.  "Please David, stop this, you are hurting yourself" I got closer and touched his shoulder trying to Calm him d…

Short Fiction : " I Loved and Lost" 2

CLICK HERE to read the part 1 of this story..
The day was already getting very dark and as I sauntered inside his room my heart wandered. Many things kept creeping inside of me but I had no choice, there was no hotel close by neither did I know any other person in Kano. I had to sleep over...

Hassan pulled off his shirt and trousers leaving him with just his boxers. The sight of him undressing made me remember David's body. It was sexy, he smelt nicely and his smiles were breathtaking. I gave a sad smile on my face because I loved David and no man can look better in my eyes than him.

Hassan sauntered into the bathroom, the room was quite and the only sound that was heard was from the bathroom as the gentle water rained down on him.
I rested my head on the pillow facing the ceiling and thinking about David until finally I slept without even having my bath.

I was in my subconscious when i felt something moving around me like electricity and waking me up to the sad reality of where I…

Beautiful beds, some of the world's most luxirious beds, very cute for lovers

Hmmm....When I saw these beds my heart kept dreaming. I just felt like lying on any of them with that special one that gives me the greatest pleasure ever and you know how wonderful it feels.*winks
They happen to be some of the world's most Luxurious bed.
Check out the pictures of these sexy beds... Mermaid Bed

Historie Do Be: It has a wireless remote  and it is surrounded by shelves and Tv stand. Cosmos Bed: makes you feel like you are sleeping under the stars with those glimmering lights LCD lights.

Don't be in a rush!!

Initially I wanted this topic to be "don’t be in a rush, don’t be a heart breaker’’ but I realized it’s not just about not being a heart breaker but also don't get yourself into a mess.

Now let's review why you shouldn't be in a rush into a relationship like friendship, love affair or marriage and the implications of actually rushing Into any relationship.
Maybe your ex lover just broke up with you and you feel so devastated then you think you need someone to make you feel happy again and so you just jump on the most available guy or babe you find clinging to you. You just need that person to make you get over him or her and make you feel alright but this is a rebound and it just isn’t the best way to go about it. All you need do is understand that he or she was just a branch or leaf you met in  life try the when you have to go therapy and move on.

You could be in a rush into a relationship when you don’t take your time to study someone. You feel everyone has a boyfr…

Short Fiction: "I Loved and Lost" 1

I had met David when I was just 14years and in SS1.Back then he usually came visiting my neighborhood because he had some friends there and a couple of times I had seen him but there was no special feelings for him. I was innocent and just knew him as one handsome looking guy who stares at me anytime I walked pass, making me so shy.

Beauty Trend: Fake Natural Eyebrow

I was discussing with one of my friend about what facial routine she does to keep her skin so soft and fresh like that of a baby. She happens to be a makeup artist so we advanced to make up and I was like she must teach me how to highlight and contour perfectly. Later we advanced to another topic about the eyebrow and we talked about making your eyebrow look perfectly like a professional. It was then I told her about the latest trend. The fake eyebrow, 100% human hair, Lol. She didn't even know of it and it sounded funny because she is in the makeup line and I had to be breaking that news to her. Well, I realised it's really a new trend and I have to post it here so in case one or two people aren't aware. When I first saw it two things came to my mind:
Firstly, I love the concept because making your eyebrow look really nice is hectic for some people and so with this fake eye brow all they need do is put a little amount of glue across your real eyebrow line and then place…

Have that perfect on having a better kiss

Hi people, I stumbled across this tips on how to get that perfect kiss. So guys check them out especially for those with some kind of virgin lips. Lol

1. GOOD BREATH: The first tip all revolves around how you taste and what you smell like. When you’re about to start kissing a guy, you want to make sure that your breath smells awesome. So girls, pop a mint before you get down to making out, it’ll make all of the difference in the world! Same goes for the guys too.
2. MOIST LIPS: Whether you are in a serious making out situation or just kissing for the first time, you want to make sure that your lips are completely moisturized! For me, a coat of lip gloss always does the trick or you could even try slicking on some chapstick too. Trust me, learning how to be a good kisser starts with how your lips feel!

Short Story: The vengful baby.

The skies rumbled with thunder and flashes of lightening hovered on the surface of the cloud. His footsteps cause a quake on the ground as the wind blew eddy around the forest. The bloody vengeful baby had stepped upon the land of Zuma to full his jar with more blood. He looked horrible with a cracked face; one eye was gone from his bloody scary face. He sauntered dangerously into the village; his coming was accompanied by some strange music as the trees flaunted their long green hair because of the wind that came along like a messenger of this deadly vengeful baby. While all these were going on, I had sat at grandpa’s feet listening to all those loveable stories he tells me about fairies and fables.

Achieve that perfect skin. Products that work!

Achieve that perfect skin with 3 products that works... I will be sharing with you guys some skin beauty routine because it's one on the areas I pay so much attention to. The beauty of a woman starts with the skin and when your skin looks naturally healthy and flawless you need not apply much makeup yet you stand out. In fact when you use the same makeup products your mates use people will think you've applied all the most expensive skin care products/cosmetics but it isn't so but the amount of time and attention you create for your natural skin. Back in secondary school my face wasn't so smooth and I got really bothered untill I stumbled across my facial scrub. I use apricot scrub and it works wonders.

Style: The twisted wrapper trend

I just love it! It isn' t new but it' s trending more now,  it makes every woman look great. So right now so many ladies tie their wrapper to church and other social events  using flowery fabrics like satin, velvet, george, sequence and colourful beautiful laces. I actually tied it to church some few Sundays back on a gold blouse using a purple velvet but just couldn't make it look perfectly like the pictures below.

Meet the Ghana female rapper with massive hips

Tatilda Quaye Hipsy is a Ghanaian
and a Rapper. She just can't walk comfortably in public because of the her hips. Everyone just keep starring at her.Lol... This hips pass Toolz own o.

I am confused about marrying my best friend's boyfriend. Please hear my story

A lady told me about her story seeking for an advise and I was really dumbfounded seriously so I decided to share it here on this blog hoping that people comment by giving reasonable advises to her. Read her story….

I have always been that simple, innocent girl, not so attractive but beautiful. Back in school I was reserved, and in the midst of my peers I was just that quiet looking girl. I was mindful of what I did and always try to keep my pride hoping that one day I will find true love. Did I just say true love? Hmmm every time I had the chance to love my best friend Nneka was always at the front. She had all the looks, curves and boldness to sweep a guy off his feet. I was no match to her but I just can’t explain why we were actually friends. She was a great fashion icon and I admired her too although I didn’t envy how she got her money to look that beautiful and flashy. She was tall; light skinned, busty, fully endowed and the apple of everyone’s eyes. Everyone preferred her to …

Love quotes

Hi guys....been really long I dropped some emotional tips/love quotes so I have decided to do so now. Send it to your love and make his head blow! Lol

1. Finding you is the greatest thing I ever discovered
Knowing you is the wisest thing I ever did and I am the most fortunate being to have you baby...

Our bus will surely come, only a matter of time

I lay on my cute little bed, I always feel happy when on it because no other bed gives me much comfort like mine but today was different, my eyes and heart felt heavy as I reflected at my challenges in life. The pain I felt wasn’t the pain so visible to every one because I know it's for a short while but what made me cry was the mountains standing before the short term solutions. My believe about life is to always take it easy that life isn’t hard if you take it that way but hard when you take it hard. Now I felt it different, if one keeps playing away all the time without thinking for a second about your troubles, sometimes one look unserious or unreasonable so am sure I wasn’t wrong to be sad because everyone needs to think even though the believe is life is easy if you take it well. The way you control situations is the power you have over your challenges.

I reasoned how I suffered back then in school, yaay! everyone has tasted pain at a point in life even though the degree…

Short story: Molested!!

Zacky pushed her into the bed room, with tears gushing endlessly from her eyes she tried to smuggle her way back into the sitting room but he was stronger and faster and he quickly pressed her back against the wall.
He placed his mouth forward towards her lips and even though she tried hard to push him off, his lips met hers and he kissed her deep.
Pamela burnt in penury as he forcefully torn off her blouse so eager to see underneath it. He headed straight to her bra strap tearing it apart and he pressed his unclad chest against her boobs then she grasp for breath and just couldn't take it anymore as he began to lick every part of her. She yelled "please stop this!", but he was deaf. She needed an escape route but his giant body still pressing her against the wall was too powerful for her defense. She cried out again as he pushed her on the bed, removing her panties, he threw them away. She was now totally bare. She screamed in penury as he inserted his long disgustin…

This is for the guys: "10 kinds of women you should never date".

1. The Chatterbox This is the woman who never shuts up, barely stopping to breathe. Seemingly only concerned about what is going on in her life, she always has to make a comment about everything and dominates conversations.
2. The Desperate Chick This type of woman will seem fantastic at first, until she starts talking about your wedding location, how many kids she wants and the name of your future dog–right after the first date! When a woman advances WAY faster than normal, watch out. She NEEDS a man so bad that she’s willing to put anybody in that slot, even the homeless guy on the corner.
3. The Overly-Critical Woman Anything you do for this type of woman is simply not good enough. Nothing seems to work unless it is done according to her standards. Anything that is said by anyone will be quickly taken out of context to become some sort of insult or some reason to wage war against the world. This type of woman has plenty of emotional baggage and will make you an angry and bitter pe…