Is Not In Love:

Guys you know how it they go now...this topic is as old as love itself but we keep talking about it on and on. As long as people still get attracted to the opposite sex, people still fall in and out of love and people still get deluded and heartbroken. It is a topic we need to talk about.

Sometimes in a relationship we get so comfortable and believe so deeply that our partners are so crazy about us and can't live us, he or she makes lots of promises that head over the rocks eventually. If your lady is my type you may hardly know she isn't in love with you if you don't have forsight. Not like am good at pretense but when I like someone (not love this time o) am always so caring and nice. So maybe you get carried away with kind guestures and just can't see the fact that she isn't in love with you but just been nice.

Now let's review the signs that shows she doesn't love you;
1. She looks straight in your face and says a big NO, " I don't love you". Can't you just get that? There was this guy that asked me out for over 6 years. Yea am so serious about that, I mean it. Maybe cos I refused but took him as a friend he just didn't belive I didn't love him. He kept wasting his time. I agree am at fault cos I accepted to be his friend and was nice to him so there was every reason for him to think I was in love. On the other hand that's his business cos I told him countless time the truth but he kept deceiving himself that I was pretending.

2. She always keeps you waiting: sometimes some ladies do that to pretend they aren't in love but  when this becomes too constant you should see the hand writting on the wall that she is damn serious. A normal babe in love won't stay that long hurting the one she loves knowing she may loose him to other girls or he may just get tired of her. If she really care she wouldn't be keeping you waiting for that long. Probably she doesn't regard you so important to her that's why.

3. She doesn't care to ask about your personal life, family, plans and talk about how things can get better, there is just no chemistry between you and her.

4. She doesn't give you attention, doesn't listen to you when you speak, and your interest is not paramount to her.

5. She is not willing to change any character trait you don't like in her.

6. She isn't faithful. Faithfulness I realise is not difficult when you love. It's the sweetest and easiest to do. When  you truely love someone you see him as so special and 1 in a million. Hmmm except for the high class Casanova's who just can't keep their ass some where even when in love

Is In Love:

1. She calls you often, comes to your place frequently and talks to you about even the slightest silly things she did.

2. She gets so excited about you and laugh at the tiniest coniest joke you make and she looks happy around you

3. She loves your friends, and family and even ask you about them

4. Sometimes some ladies are shy when with the one they love so maybe your babe's own isn't like two above

5. She ask you about your life, plans and family. Whe gets really excited to hear about it

6. She likes to impress you physically with cosmetics, and nice clothes

7. She gives you attention listen to you when you speak and your interest is paramount her.

8 she doesn't resist when you hold her hand or touch her

9. She gets jealous because she doesn't wanna loose you

10. She is willing to change something you don't like about her

11. She remains faithful to you.


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