Ridiculous things some pastors do these days.

I couldn't say anything but 'WTF'!

These days silly things happen all around even in the church and it gets me thinking deep because people no longer have minds of their own. We ought to love and respect our pastors because they are like God's representatives on earth yet we need to think before obeying some man made rules and principles. People should read the bible and understand things first other than just acting the way the pastor directs them.

This may not be a new gist, maybe you've seen and read about the story in one of those news blogs but in case you haven't. A pastor in Kenya ordered the women of his church to stop wearing pants and brar to church so that the holy spirit can enter into their lives freely. Funny..they believed because he pastor is ever correct right? "The undergarments are unworldly, people need to be free to receive Jesus Christ". Says the pastor.
The picture below is a man of God marching his church members in the name of deliverance. Lolzz, some people have turn themselves to 'dindinrin' I mean fools!
How can I forget a post I saw on a blog sometime ago of a pastor comanding his members to eat grass. Well that's actually the same pastor in the above picture. The church is a South Africa church see pictures below:

There was one I also stumbled across. A pastor told all the single ladies to wear wedding glown to church. He added that it is an act of faith so they would get married soon. I am not to judge that one though but ' I no go lie' it sounds crazy.

See photos below:

Lastly, there are many more ridiculous things some pastors command the members to do saying it's from God and I wonder why people don't think before they act. Many principles and doctrine made out of their own wants and desires. May God help us all but all the same people should learn to use their head.

Images: Lindaikeji.blogspot.com


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