Have you ever heard about love planet? It's a sweet and different world with an exclusive blue sky, pretty droplets of water, colurful singing birds, bright green leaves and amazing flowers. It looks magical and like a wonderland. The pink, lemon and blue colours arising from the sun in love planet makes me cry.

It looks like an illusion but that is the true picture of love. I always tell everyone am in love with how I visit the love planet on  a regular basis. It's already like a second home for me. I remember the day I held him so tight in my arms determined not to let go of him. I wanted to show him the wonders in my world. I asked my magic carpet like that of aladin to fly us to the wonderland. It was beautiful and exciting with those colourful lights, bright singing birds whispering to us some secrets of love.

As we flew along in the air with the soft breeze surging through our faces, the flowers below our carpets began to dance and the stars fell flying over us in a circular motion. He was so amazed and happy, to stop smiling was the hardest thing we could do. He quickly drew me closer to him with  deepest kiss we ever had in life.

When finally we landed on the soil of our love planet, the cold blue waters touched our feet and the wonders of nature began to dance with loud drums, music and great instruments. The flowers where the dancers, the trees where druming, the birds where singing, waters where playing and it was more than an excitment for my baby and I. 

Now we both woke up back to reality, we had been on the bed with our eyes closed and our body clinging to our half naked self.
Let me tell you the full gist, I had been whispering softly to his ears as we imaginaryly sourjourned to love planet. Then at this time we were back from all fantasy into the reality on the bed, eyes opened now. I felt his long man close to my hole. I was getting scared now as I held it and said: " baby no sex please. I am a love ferry but a virgin love ferry".
He felt now disapointed at me.
I saw in his eyes love and tears as his milk spill all over me. Gosh!! 
I ran to wash myself but first before then I gave him a kiss and said softly "baby lets save it still our wedding night".

"What the hell did u just say, you got me in the mood with all the love planet fantasies, I was ready to get in there in reality and see what you just did. He shook his head in disbelief as we both gave a boisterous laughter." 
#hehehee can't just stop laughing.


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