Chronicles of a lonely diva

 Last year was too ancient and had passed out and here is a new baby with promises. Having spent the Christmas and new year eve as a boring and lonely one, she didn't want it to remain this way.
It's not so easy without someone to look in the face and say 'I love you' with all sincerity and from the deepest part of the heart. She needed someone to love, a arms to rest upon, a back to cry on, a lip to kiss, and a love to be reciprocated.
     Beautiful, tall, slim, and sexy Cassie had sat in her office. Her head bowed on the  desk, and eyes moist. For God's sake she was almost given up on love. All hopes looked dashed and shattered like pieces of a broken jar but the dear diva was not ready to rush into anything without love. She was lost in thought and didn't know Tade had been watching her for over a decade. He touched her soft tender body gently as Cassie turned to see him standing.
"Tade is right here again, he is indeed a pest". She was puzzled why he can't just get his mind off her.
"What do you want from me sef? I have told you to please understand that i don't love you and can't force it".

    Tade spoke back very soft and passionate, "it's hard to stay without you. Every mourning when I walk into this office and look you in the eye, my heart beats so hard and I realize how much I can't live without you. I need you badly"

  Cassie stood up like there was fire on her "Enough of all these blabbing Tade, I have told you and I mean it. I can't force myself to love you."
She looked into his face to see how he was hurt, she knew he loved her but not after what she had gone through. She needed love but was not gonna rush, she needed to be sure of what she was doing.
"I believe you so much love me and that's why I can't play smart with you by telling you lies about how I feel and then break your heart eventually".

     Tade placed the tip of his fingers on her mouth, "I just need a chance to love you, to teach you how to love me back is all I ask of".

    Cassie sat back determined not to break out, she was lost in thought. After David had left her heart broken 2 years ago she never saw a replacement. She was lonely and needed love but seems all men she saw was not just it. No one seems suitable, not that she was too selective but because David and her had both journeyed to the love planet and felt the beauty of it together.

    Cassie  knew Tade loved her but it was too hard to love another yet she was so lonely and needed no one to tell her she had lost David for ever but it's so hard she just couldn't let it be.....
Dating Tade would mean toying with his heart. She didn't wanna break him. She wasn't ready to place his head on her chest giving him respite when in reality she would end up been the architect of his broken heart.

      Just like that topic, it hurts....but he's got to go!!! It's obvious Cassie had to let David go but her heart was not totally off him. Her reason not giving her heart to Tade is because she believes she can't find a replacement for her ex .
She left him go because she needed to let him be but the love she felt was so deep to get him off her heart totally. She wanted to be the lady that she is, to be strong and take hold of her power but every tin now looks like it's turning back to hurt her.

Matter of the day: 

I personally feel in such a case like this when you loved someone but had to let him go because he wasn't worth it you must learn to let go of him no matter how hard it may be. Check when you have to let her go. That was for the guys but it applies to the ladies too.

On an other hand, I feel dating someone because you wanna forget another person isn't the best solution because sometimes you just can't force love and you end up tearing that person to pieces when you just can't cope. You become a heart breaker right!

Lastly, we all need to give love a chance. You never can tell. Like the story of Cassie do you think it was better she gives Tade a chance? But look at my other 2 points above...

Share your opinions here, let's learn and discuss this.


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