A Night of Bliss (18+)

His mouth claimed her mouth with deep, sweet, sensual male hunger as he pressed her back into the pillows with the weight of his body. She began to kiss him back with an eager fervour, her body arching into the pressure of his. She tried to push his hand away but he caught hold of her wrist with his other hand, while his right hand was over the column of her breast.

OMG!!! Feeling wet, she cried out as his tongue located her nipples, sending a clamouring shock of heat piercing sensation screaming through her head. With a softly uttered tense expletive, he came back to her mouth.

Then he was taking her mouth once again, crushing the pulsing hot softness of her lips, dipping deep and hungrily with his tongue at the same time, that hand closed around her breast again, naked now and so alive to his touch, she cried out in half protest. He pressed the descended tightness of her nipple against his palm.

Now his hands where gliding everywhere carelessly. She never felt so totally out of control of her body and senses. She was painting and whimpering against his mouth and he was breathing fast and evenly.

With the almighty burgeoning thrust of his powerful erection pushing her thigh at same moment as he slid his hand between her legs. "She was lost in a storm of heated passion and pleasure; it sang along her veins and flesh.

Then he moved the strip of the panties from her body, accepting her faint body, she pushed him towards the bed, her eyes daring to focus on him, still lying there with his long body so magnificently naked to his long brown feet.

She jumped on him, she couldn't believe she did never let it go that far. Now, on him she entrusted the long brown feet into the pleasant solution as she chocked "OMG"

He also too drawled suddenly, she smiled and her breast felt heavy while it jungle to and fro; throbbed. The brown long alien forced itself to reach down deep inside her.

Now, he was on top of her, still on the move. She said, "it is good to call a stop when things are becoming-passionate?''

I never knew she was a virgin, ''he thought'' as he saw some fluid down the oven. He was pale now, and getting to release hour;  they switched to the tossing white table in  front of them to make work done.

With a will of it's own, the fatty long giant long brown  pen curled flopping down to the floor with milky solution. He said, "what a night of blaze" then  she c completed the sentence ".....of blistering fury of love".

Shout out to Papi Jude for this write up. He's just one naughty guy. Lolzz
I didn't write it myself but he did and asked that I post it here at exclusivetins blog.


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