Memoirs of Me: A 'Branch' I Met in Life

Sometimes in life we get disappointed and heartbroken because the people we loved and trusted so much turned around to make us cry. We sit down and our minds begin to marvel, "where did I actually go wrong". In a love affair we think maybe we just can't play this game called love, we keep thinking endlessly and crying about it. I just wanna say something that though it isn't easy to accept it and move on but it's time we know that people are just like leaves, branches and roots. They come to our lives at a season for a reason.

I personally understand what it means to be heartbroken even though I never really felt it so deep. Although walking down memory lane there was a case almost similar to an heartbreak. It's about a branch I met in my life.

Let me share a little about that.......I thought Derin was head over heels in love with me, he shed tears several times because of me, he made me feel like a princess. He had actually washed my clothes twice when I went visiting,*covers face*. He was actually a real man, he was just one person who love to express just the way he feels without holding anything. I was actually skeptical about it but he insisted. I still respect him till date, he was that perfect guy I ever wanted in life. My feelings for him was real, he wasn't financially buoyant but his love was sufficient for me. Although not so tall, he was an average height, light skinned, I love his finely shaped bears, pink lips and handsome face. He was very emotional, soft spoken and caring. I was very proud of him and ready to show him to the world. I always imagined a future with him and everything looked rosy. I was ready to do anything to put a smile on his face but finally it crashed!

I felt really disappointed about it, for the first time a guy busted me. I was ashamed that my proud relationship was no more. An affair I boasted about to any one who cared to hear ended up just like that so I had to use the it hurts but he's got to go therapy as I covered my head in shame fighting hard to forget about him.

I told my brother about it and it was then he quoted Tyler Perry; there are 3 kinds of people we meet in life: the leaves, branches and the roots.

The leaves: these are people we meet in life at a particular time in our life or our relationship but they never last long. Just like leaves they wither away so easily. When the wind of life blows, they fall off. Sometimes we loose such people through death or maybe dispute. You should never be worried because you will surely find your root but all the same I pray to the heavenly father that we never loose our loves one to the cold blooded hands of death. Amen

The branches: they are so reliable and sweet. You can rest upon them and enjoy the wind, they don't wither like the leaves but as much as you rest on them you just can't rest 2 much or they break off. These are people we can't lay all trust on. Yea most humans are like branches because they can always fail.

The roots: they are the strongest kind of people anyone could be lucky to meet in life. No matter the wind or how much you lean on them, they are always gonna be there. They are the ones who last with us forever. The love grows on and on. I accept that the love of God is just like that of the root but i must say it is incomparable so permit me to compare the root to the worldly love that is unlimited among we mortals made by God.

My brother further explained to me that only few people are actually lucky to find more than a root in their life.

Back to the matter of he day:
I call Derin a branch in my life because I met him at a time I was almost giving up on so many things. He was there to put me back on my feet, he never demanded too much that I can't give. I was about taking some drastic steps in life and maybe if I hadn't met him I would have gotten some horrible scars in my life. His present in my life was for a reason and season so am happy I met him.
He was never for me that's why we didn't last long but am grateful for the moments we shared. The moments helped me grow stronger to believe in myself.

I am happy he was there at that time just like an angel and am more grateful to God because I know He has a better plan for me and you.

"Never get disappointed at the people who hurt you, they where only there to put you through some challenges and place you on the right track. They were just a leave or branch you met in life".

I know soon and 1 day you and I will find our roots.


  1. This post got to me big time.

    I recently lost someone I dearly love (not to death oo but to some else) and it broke me. I was realy hurt, I'm still hurt but I came to realise recently that that relationship was not to last forever, it was for a phase in my life and now, I have to move on. I learnt so much, I grew tremendoudsly due to the relationship and so I'm glad it happened. He was indeed, a branch.

    1. Hmmmm yea, He was a branch.
      I am happy we moved ahead ( you and I) it isn't worth it getting hurt sometimes when we lost a branch, we are definitely gonna find our roots.

      Thanks so much for stopping by honey.


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