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Pictures of Celebrities and their parents

Happy mother's day in arrears. Below are some of the pictures that was shared by Celebrities yesterday to mark the mother's day celebration and I have decided to add some other pictures of celebrities and their parents along side with it so in case you haven't seen any of them before. Let's see how much they look alike. John Dumelo and his beautiful mum

Toke  and her pretty mother


Is Not In Love:

Guys you know how it they go now...this topic is as old as love itself but we keep talking about it on and on. As long as people still get attracted to the opposite sex, people still fall in and out of love and people still get deluded and heartbroken. It is a topic we need to talk about.

Memoirs of Me: A 'Branch' I Met in Life

Sometimes in life we get disappointed and heartbroken because the people we loved and trusted so much turned around to make us cry. We sit down and our minds begin to marvel, "where did I actually go wrong". In a love affair we think maybe we just can't play this game called love, we keep thinking endlessly and crying about it. I just wanna say something that though it isn't easy to accept it and move on but it's time we know that people are just like leaves, branches and roots. They come to our lives at a season for a reason.
I personally understand what it means to be heartbroken even though I never really felt it so deep. Although walking down memory lane there was a case almost similar to an heartbreak. It's about a branch I met in my life.
Let me share a little about that.......I thought Derin was head over heels in love with me, he shed tears several times because of me, he made me feel like a princess. He had actually washed my clothes twice when I we…


Have you ever heard about love planet? It's a sweet and different world with an exclusive blue sky, pretty droplets of water, colurful singing birds, bright green leaves and amazing flowers. It looks magical and like a wonderland. The pink, lemon and blue colours arising from the sun in love planet makes me cry.
It looks like an illusion but that is the true picture of love. I always tell everyone am in love with how I visit the love planet on  a regular basis. It's already like a second home for me. I remember the day I held him so tight in my arms determined not to let go of him. I wanted to show him the wonders in my world. I asked my magic carpet like that of aladin to fly us to the wonderland. It was beautiful and exciting with those colourful lights, bright singing birds whispering to us some secrets of love.

Beautifully Dressed Celebrities to the 2014 AMVCA

It's been 3 days since the AMVCA and the  Fucking internet in my area has refused me uploading pictures.  Now with immediate effects check out how beautifully dressed these celebrities  looked to the glamorous award night.
Susan Peters and Juliet Ibrahim

A Night of Bliss (18+)

His mouth claimed her mouth with deep, sweet, sensual male hunger as he pressed her back into the pillows with the weight of his body. She began to kiss him back with an eager fervour, her body arching into the pressure of his. She tried to push his hand away but he caught hold of her wrist with his other hand, while his right hand was over the column of her breast.

OMG!!! Feeling wet, she cried out as his tongue located her nipples, sending a clamouring shock of heat piercing sensation screaming through her head. With a softly uttered tense expletive, he came back to her mouth.

A Village in Afghanistan, where people live in the Rocks

Such an amazing photos. People can easily hide for years on those rocks without been found. See the pictures

Look at the village how it looks from a distance. It lools like orinary rocks where no inhabitants can be found.

Chronicles of a lonely diva

Last year was too ancient and had passed out and here is a new baby with promises. Having spent the Christmas and new year eve as a boring and lonely one, she didn't want it to remain this way.
It's not so easy without someone to look in the face and say 'I love you' with all sincerity and from the deepest part of the heart. She needed someone to love, a arms to rest upon, a back to cry on, a lip to kiss, and a love to be reciprocated.

Ridiculous things some pastors do these days.

I couldn't say anything but 'WTF'!
These days silly things happen all around even in the church and it gets me thinking deep because people no longer have minds of their own. We ought to love and respect our pastors because they are like God's representatives on earth yet we need to think before obeying some man made rules and principles. People should read the bible and understand things first other than just acting the way the pastor directs them.
This may not be a new gist, maybe you've seen and read about the story in one of those news blogs but in case you haven't. A pastor in Kenya ordered the women of his church to stop wearing pants and brar to church so that the holy spirit can enter into their lives freely. Funny..they believed because he pastor is ever correct right? "The undergarments are unworldly, people need to be free to receive Jesus Christ". Says the pastor.