Sweet Roses...Give a Rose to Someone!!

In Nigeria, flowers are not so much appreciated by people when given as a gift unlike overseas. Well flowers especially roses speaks a lot. Hence, can be given out as gifts worth been appreciated. Valentine is over but there are lots of ceremonies that warrants one adding a rose as a gift alongside the usual stuffs we give to people.

I stumbled across 'the meanings of nine colours of rose flower' and I just can't remenber the source. So sorry about that.

 Red Rose: it is given to someone to show great liking, respect, care and support. If it is a deep red rose, it can be given to show a feeling of sadness. Also, because red is a colour of blood, red rose shows family relationships.

 White Rose: it shows a new begining and freedom from evil. It is used by brides on their wedding day.
It reminds one of the sun. It is given to show joy, happiness, friendship, and a welcome note.

Pink Rose: is used to show respect and liking for someone. It also shows joy and a feeling of been thankful.

orange Rose: reminds one of a bright and strong fire. It represents energy and very great liking.

Lavender Rose: feeling of great happiness and satisfaction

Blue Rose: it shows calmness and peace. So can be used as a symbol of settlement of dispute.

 Green Rose: new life given to show good wishes for new life or great health.

Black Rose: shows the death of someone or something, an idea or friendship.

Before now, what do you feel about roses and how would you feel if you are given just a rose, only, as a gift especially by your lover on a special day like valentine...


  1. I promise 2giv u a pink rose wen I c u soon!can't just stop chekin on ur blog!u re d best.pls try 2kip it up.4rm Van-nelson lee


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