Love Fiction: The Striker's Night!!

Hello people, I am so sorry about the delay in finally releasing this story it's due to the fact that I had to get some things done. Finally you can enjoy the full story as I will be releasing every week untill the end. enjoy reading....

**                     ***           ***                 PROLOGUE***
It was a dark and cool evening 8:06pm to be precise, a night for lovers, the room light was switched off and the gentle breeze escaped through the opened windows, they had lighted red candles and had drank a glass of their favorite red wine. She held him so closely and tight like if she left him he was going to be lost in the arms of another girl. They burnt with passion as the sound of the music whispered softly to their ears while they confessed how much they felt for each other. Their love was beyond words.
Looking into the eyes of the woman he loved and in spite of the strides orchestrated by intruders, he will do anything for her even if it meant a spill of his blood. She was a perfect epitome of beauty with an immaculate light skin; her spotless skin glowed tremendously and endeared her to many men. The way she always walked flinging her perfect curvy hips got so much attention on campus. Her bosoms were moderate and firm. Dennis knew he had to work really hard to keep his 23 years old beautiful damsel and medical student from other's especially the like of Pedro.

The handsome young man of 26 with a tall and well-built body was an introvert, fairly dark in complexion and had a pointed nose. He was neat with a good sense of fashion and was called 'Dennis the ladies’ man'. He was an engineering student in his final year already and had few weeks towards his final exams, he was really going to miss her and that's one reason he asked her to come spend the night with him in his room. He pulled out a stony ornament from his side pocket, fell to his knees and placed it on her middle finger. Wow! It was a beautiful gold ring. "Would you marry me", he cooed. She just couldn't believe this was happening, "I will and I will love you till eternity" with tears in both faces they kissed like two starving animals, wrapping his hands around her waist he pulled her softly to the bed and they gently made love like never before.

10 pm.... they were still lying on the bed; they clanged to themselves all through the night. He was going to miss her since Dennis would be graduating soon but she was still a medical student in her year three. It was a very quiet night and it began to rain heavily, he stood up to gently lock the windows not wanting to disturb his angel's sleep. He looked at her and imagined the bright future ahead living in an exclusive world, just the two of them.
11:15 pm the same day. He was still awake, he could hardly sleep he just kept starring at his wife to be whom he had just proposed to some hours back. He kissed her on her forehead and then she opened her eyes with a smile on her perfect face. Her beauty glowed like the stars in the night, he admired her more as he looked in her face with a smile, and he was about to speak and then she placed her finger on his lips...

She placed her head on his bare chest, it was an intimate hour. It was 12:35 pm, a knock came in, it was as loud as thunder and Dennis was afraid. She already knew who was there, she wished she never tried such a game on him, she had seen how much he loved her that very night, not that other nights together wasn't so passionate but that very night was different and she could no longer doubt his love for her. The knock was getting louder and Dennis was getting nervous, she acted like she was afraid but inside of her burnt with regrets. How Dennis would feel after this, was he ever going to forgive her, were they just going to joke over it? All these questions kept ringing in her head and lastly inside of her asked this question, "What on earth was I thinking?"

The voices outside was horrible and the smell of danger was so intense..."I will break this door and kill you both if you don't open this door!"

He ordered her to the bathroom so she could find a place to hide and be safe, the knock at the door and the threats got louder that he had to open the door immediately...
Behold the traitors, the masked men came in fully armed...she ran out of the bathroom immediately and on one of the 'visitors' placed a gun straight towards her. The whole events began to look like something else; it seemed these guys where on a serious deadly mission.

One of the voices turned to Dennis "I'm here to claim a life, I'm a killer, sent on a bloody mission, and I will kill you or your girlfriend". He was so confused and tried pleading as tears rolled down his eyes; he begged that they take his life in place of hers... She also could not bear this anymore, "Pedro, let this game be over please seems you are taking it so far", One of the masked men was mad at her words, it seemed the game's secret had been unveiled by her words and Dennis had known who they were so they pulled off their mask angrily.

The killer pulled the trigger and got him down!
He fell helpless before her own eyes, it was red...He tried speaking but all that he could say softly amidst tears was, "Funmi you planned my death?"
No one could believe this...was it actually a mistake? Was Dennis dead?  This of course wasn't the initial plan but then it was just so unexplainable.
****    ****      ****      ****

"I loved her so much; I gave her care like boxes of ice, showered her kisses like raindrops. Well I thought she knew I did. I never lied about how I felt but behold the striker’s night when love turned her back to stab me in her quest to test my feelings. Tears flow within me, love turned me around on that night dark night: It was weird, a night of love and passion, blood and tears when love got me to hell!!"

She heard the sound of his voice paving through the thick dark forest. It was so intense, she didn't know if she was still on earth, her vision was blur and she found her movement restricted. Tears flowed down her eyes as she tried to hold herself together. "Dust we came and dust us shall return", that very voice woke her to the reality that she had lost the one she loves so much in a quest to test his love.
It was the voice of the priest which later accompanied with the voice of mourners. Mrs Chukwuma broke down like a branch of orange tree which had fallen before the earth; the crowd tried to console and hold her least she injure herself. She wanted to die and be buried alongside her only child, Dennis.

Funmi couldn't control herself any more as she left tears break free, then the voice of Dennis kept ringing through her head again, she was shaking. The images of the incident kept flashing through her...the hospital where he gave up his ghost, that very striker’s night when he had been shot, the engagement ring and passionate hours they had together. All these kept flashing through her that she was almost losing her thoughts, now she really had to trace where the voice was coming from.
She walked slowing towards the thick dark bush as the mourners continued wailing endlessly. What came to her was regrets, she wished she had the power to turn back the hands of time but now she cried more that the deed had been done and she was never going to see her own Dennis again, he was dead now... She wished she could see him just one more time to say a word, " am sorry" but it was just too late. Vengeance! That kept ringing in her. The culprits must face the law, he would do anything to make Pedro and the others riot in jail.

Has she paved way through the dark bush with all those thoughts within her, she look straight to the right only to see Pedro pointing her gun at her and the next sound was the shot.. Another blood spilt upon the ground. Seems both lovers are gone now, maybe Venus would take them to another planet to continue their endless love affair!


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