Love Fiction: The Striker's Night 2

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Prolepsis:15 July 2011

She walked aimlessly on the streets of Ibadan. The sun was at its peak; and she was wandering here and there. She couldn't remember who she was or where she was coming from and in fact no ideal of her past. As she walked pass a supermarket she looked at the door which was a glass mirror. Starring at herself in the mirror to know what she looks like and to a great surprise behold stood a woman without blemish more beautiful than almost all the ladies she had seen on the streets earlier on. She could now remember her finely shaped face, pink lips and pointed nose, turning around at the mirror she saw those beautiful wide hips and buttocks as they revealed on her lemon short fitted gown. She flashed a smile of satisfaction as she kept admiring the woman she was but who the hell was she! As that question crept through her heart, she lost the ecstasy of her beautiful nature again to the sad inquisitive feeling.

The sales girls at the supermarket had been watching the interesting movie of how she adorned herself. Belinda: "weytin dey do this one now, she never see herself for mirror befor, na wa for some people o", she frowned.
Laide replied, “this is ill manner to just walk at the front of her glass door acting in this funny manner, oloshi ni jare". The girls were good at gossips and mostly they envied her beauty.
Femi who was already paying for the goods couldn't believe his eyes. The woman at the door looked like his fantasy lover and he had vowed never to let her go the day he ever sets his eyes on her. He hurried out of the supermarket getting the gossips more agape. Clumsily opening the door, the lady was so shocked that she almost fell down "sorry". Never mind he said as he adjusted his shirt, gazing at her with a smile, "I am so sorry pretty lady for my ill manner". "No uncle it was me, but I just didn't know__" he breaks in, no problem alright, and where are you going. Hope you don't mind me giving you a ride".
She shook her head flashing a smile on her charming face.

The sales girls started peeping through to see what next will happen; they had noticed how Femi had acted when he saw the lady. Belinda couldn't take this because she had an eye on Femi but he never showed interest, she had tried countless times to catch his attention whenever he came shopping but he never noticed her.
Femi's hands where full with items he had bought from the supermarket. Trying to assist him hold them he insisted she never mind as they both walked towards his car parked at the lounge. He picked his car key from his front pocket and opened the boot and then he hurriedly opened the door to let the beautiful damsel sit comfortably.

They were both mute has the car drove off the express and the wind found way through the windows blowing her long black Peruvian hair. The sun shone on her glowin skin, Femi looked at the beautiful woman sitting by his side through the front miror of the car revealing more of her unrefined beauty. He broke the silence by asking "what's your name?".
She looked frustrated at that question but later summoned courage to tell him the truth that she was actually confused about who she was.

The journey seemed so long as they drove down the road and finally to his big apartment. It looked like paradise and it was an evidence of wealth for an unmarried young man of 30 to own it. Parked in the compound were 2 other jeeps and beautiful was an understatement for his apartment. Smiling at her he rushed to open the car door as they moved into his apartment.
She was frightened but just had to go along because she didn't even have an ideal of who she was. She had lost her memory and was trying really hard to remember.
He moved into the bar in his apartment as they walked into the palour getting two glasses of cups and a bottle of wine. Moving toward her as she sat on the sofa he placed a cup into her hands gulping his.
My name is Barrister Femi Olaniyi, you call me Femi. He paused for a moment, "are you always this quiet he asked?"
The lady replied, “I have a problem and need a solution please" placing her hands to wipe away the tears and trying to be stronger. She continues, “I don't know who I am". He tried pressing further by asking questions but he just couldn't because the more he did, the more she felt sad.
He tried to calm her down taking her to the visitor's room to have a cold shower and rest.
Directing her to the bed he covered her with a blanket as she lay on the bed then he wiped the tears off her beautiful face with his palms. "Goodnight, I believe tomorrow you would feel better".

***the children cried like a day old baby who had lost their mother and was badly maltreated by their foster mother. She heard the voices of the children, it was a dark forest at the dead time of the night and she just couldn't it anymore. She she walkes through the lonely path, she saw the children lying helplessly. they needed food, a mother to cradle them, thwy badly needes love and care. She couldn't phathom what was going on neither she know who the children were***

He rolled aimlessly on the bed, today was so unbelievable. Femi had been lost in a fantasy world, he had a problem, never had a girlfriend in spite of all the ladies hovering around him. He found it difficult to love any lady so he had picked up an imaginary lady called 'Funmi', he kept telling everyone about how much he loves her. He painted a perfect picture of the woman to everyone including his mum who had been disturbing him for a wife. The lady next door matched his perfect paint, her name was Funmi. The beauty she had was a striking resemblance with his imaginary girl so he was not ready to let her go. What amazed him most was that the lady was nobody; she didn't know who she was. Hmmm, it must be nature that had brought her from nowhere to wipe off his tears and give him a heart to love again.
Days passed and they both lived together as brothers and sisters, he had called her Funmi since she couldn't remember her real name. That was the name of his imaginary girlfriend so he was happy he could name her. Seems dreams really come true.
**** ***

It was a cool evening as the two worked down the compound towards the garden. He had spent over 3 hours telling her about his romance life, mother, relatives, and more. They both had a great day even though she had nothing to say of herself. She learnt to live and believed that she was just made by nature bringing unto the suffering lover another woman to love again.
That very night they had bid goodnight and gone to their various rooms until 1 am.
She rolled left and right hopelessly on the bed as the cries of two babies hovered around the atmosphere. This same thing had always been disturbing her every night of her life and she found it so difficult to explain. This time was more intense and frightening as the voices grew louder.
She woke up with fear and as the voices of the children kept on, she felt so sorry for them, it sounded real like cries from a distance but yet very loud.
She screamed jumping off the bed as the door flanged open but mistakenly she had fallen into the arms of someone. Still frightened, he held her tightly placing another hands to switch on the room light. She looked into his face as he fixed his gaze on her. His beauty was irresistible and she had learnt to love him as the days had crept by.
Her heart was burning with passion when she saw that face look into her, he touched her chin speaking softly "why were you screaming, do you want me sleep beside you?"
She looked in his face and wanted him beside her for she could no longer stand the noise anymore. He ordered her back to bed. “Baby don't worry about the bad dream, I am with you alright so everything will be alright".

He pushed her on the bed covering her with the duvet as he watched her sleep and breathe softly. He too finally fell asleep.
By 2:15pm she woke up again. Cries of the innocent babies each calling one after the other, she almost felt like crying with the babies. How on earth can she help them from the pains they going through. She cried with them until see cried out into reality. Femi woke up and held her tightly as she opened her eyes gently with tears. "I have always heard the voice and tears of 2 babies’ every night in my dream, I see them, I feel so much pity for the children and I wish I could hold them in my arms and comfort them. Nights after nights their cries keeps louder and sounds much more sorrowful than ever before".
Femi looked at her tears; he was burning in passion, "what sort of a mysterious woman are you!" Then he gave her the deepest kiss he had ever given anyone in his life, she too began to respond as it progressed gradually into romance. She softly screamed when he began doing a perfect work in her as she moaned in pure ecstasy.

Funmi could remember now that she had long missed such experience like this before. As Femi cradled her like a baby. Images of such memorable moments began flashing through her instincts, she loved this moment but the person she had it with was still a shadow in her blank brain; this made her so sad trying to fix back such wonderful memory.
The night was the best Femi ever had because it was the first time he had sex with a woman he actually loves and care for in his arms.

Taking a walk down the past, Femi was loved by many damsels; he played games with so many and eventually broke their hearts. This was because the girls where either too cheap, gold diggers or unfaithful. He eventually vowed never to love until he meets the perfect woman that can stir up his heart. He had painted a picture of a woman he loves to everyone, he had a lota of fantasies, told people how much he loved her, he named her 'funminife' meaning 'give me love' and he had wished he met her personality in reality.
Now he was with her, like a mystery, a woman of perfection he said in his heart as he clanged to the beautiful and spotless lady on the bed, her gentle and humble nature got he's heart beating faster.
There was only one thing that kept fear creeping inside of him "the woman was mysterious, she was his imaginations, maybe she was sent by nature. The woman didn't know who she was herself and he thought, maybe I will lose her one day again".
The sadness showed all over him as he turned kissing her more passionately he  then asked: "please Funmi, never leave me alone alright, NEVER!"

****more intimate nights was spent, they became so fond of themselves: cooking, bathing, sleeping, walking, driving and also exchanging flowers and some love quotes.

"life is sweet when you are truly in love, it is like paradise and a world without tears but if love begins to drop down like drops of water; it's indeed a turn around of the sweet paradise".

As days, weeks and months drove by the streets of time their love grew stronger. They believe Funmi was a real being so they started out in search to unfold her true identity especially the cries of those she heard every night in her dream, they needed everything to be brought to light****
**** **** **** ***

12:45pm October 2011
The car drove pass ring road on their way back from a visitation, they decided to stop by at an eatery to have lunch. Funmi flanged the door open waking in like the princess she was but she cut her gaze on Mona. The face looked really familiar to her but she couldn't picture where they had met. The lady also identified her as she stood up in great astonishment and walking slowing towards her trying to be sure she wasn't seeing a ghost.
Clearing her eyes to be sure she wasn't seeing a ghost “Funmi, what are you doing here when everyone has been weeping over your lost?" The name 'Funmi was her real name? So the lady and others had been in search of her? She marvelled at this.
Still transfixed she turned her gaze to Femi who had also been surprise at the drama he was seeing. The lady came closer with a warm embrace "what happened to you, you left Dennis all alone. Why--you have" she didn't allow the lady to continue before she broke in. "Who is Dennis?"
Mona's eye brows aroused "what are you saying Funmi?"
Mona took her hands as they tried sitting for a serious discussion.


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