Last Night before Feb' 14th

The sky was turning blue from black.... It was a bright sunny day as the sun rays shone radiantly on my face, immediately I opened my windows. The weather was as cool as the river bank and was a different and special mourning, I must confess. The streets decorated with red and white flowers of all kinds. I watched lovers as they walked down the streets, it was valentine's day!
I flashed a smile on my pretty face as I cut my gaze on an handsome dude. He was tall, masculine and a little light in complexion with a smooth face and pointed nose. Those eyes were breathtaking and his lips smelled like sweet lollipop. He was the man of my dreams, charming! He is the kind of guy ladies can't resist.
My eyes where fixed on him as he moved towards Linda, my next door neighbour, she was claded in a pink silky glown and perfect shoes to match. I saw her run into the arms of my own dear prince charming!
My heart began to bleed. After placing my eyes endlessly on him....he turned towards me carelessly. My heart galloped!

 His hands were on Linda's brar strap. "Oh God!" I said in my mind. I wish he was mine. Tears flooded my face because everyone was busy with a lover while I just had an heartbreak. Oh God! I fucking need this dude but it seems he didn't notice me.He was just so busy with Linda.
My eyes still fixed on him as I hurried down my stair case to look into his eyes outside. I didn't care how Linda was gonna feel, all I know is he ought to be mine! I stood for some moments looking into his eyes like peeping through at heaven's gate untill finally I caught him gazing back at me as he pushed Linda off him. I ran to have a touch of his captivating body.when I got him, he closed his eyes as he gave me a sexy smile. I caressed and kissed every bit of his body and finally I stretched my long neck to kiss those lollipop lips but as my lips pressed against his, I felt nothing.
I opened my eyes to see what was going on only to find myself on my bed. I hurriedly opened the window as the sun paved through. "Oh Gosh!" I realised i just had a dream. Lovers here and there down the street. It was 14th febuary, val's day.
I am single and lonely as usual, heartbroken and need love but what can i do? My heart kept wailing especially when I remembered that handsome dude I had fallen in love with that had disappeared.

Finally, as sad as it was I realised it was only a dream 'last night before val's day'. I wish he was mine, I wish he was mine like the other girls with a val, I wish he never disappeared....
I had loved and lost again!


  1. Don't worry Temmie!I knw u re d Best.4rm Van nelson


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