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Love Fiction: The Striker's Night 2

Welcome back to "The Striker's Night". If you haven't read the initial story, check it outhere

Prolepsis:15 July 2011

She walked aimlessly on the streets of Ibadan. The sun was at its peak; and she was wandering here and there. She couldn't remember who she was or where she was coming from and in fact no ideal of her past. As she walked pass a supermarket she looked at the door which was a glass mirror. Starring at herself in the mirror to know what she looks like and to a great surprise behold stood a woman without blemish more beautiful than almost all the ladies she had seen on the streets earlier on. She could now remember her finely shaped face, pink lips and pointed nose, turning around at the mirror she saw those beautiful wide hips and buttocks as they revealed on her lemon short fitted gown. She flashed a smile of satisfaction as she kept admiring the woman she was but who the hell was she! As that question crept through her heart, she lost the ecstasy o…

Sweet Roses...Give a Rose to Someone!!

In Nigeria, flowers are not so much appreciated by people when given as a gift unlike overseas. Well flowers especially roses speaks a lot. Hence, can be given out as gifts worth been appreciated. Valentine is over but there are lots of ceremonies that warrants one adding a rose as a gift alongside the usual stuffs we give to people.

Love Fiction: The Striker's Night!!

Hello people, I am so sorry about the delay in finally releasing this story it's due to the fact that I had to get some things done. Finally you can enjoy the full story as I will be releasing every week untill the end. enjoy reading....

**                     ***           ***                 PROLOGUE***
It was a dark and cool evening 8:06pm to be precise, a night for lovers, the room light was switched off and the gentle breeze escaped through the opened windows, they had lighted red candles and had drank a glass of their favorite red wine. She held him so closely and tight like if she left him he was going to be lost in the arms of another girl. They burnt with passion as the sound of the music whispered softly to their ears while they confessed how much they felt for each other. Their love was beyond words.
Looking into the eyes of the woman he loved and in spite of the strides orchestrated by intruders, he will do anything for her even if it meant a spill of his blood. She wa…

Last Night before Feb' 14th

The sky was turning blue from black.... It was a bright sunny day as the sun rays shone radiantly on my face, immediately I opened my windows. The weather was as cool as the river bank and was a different and special mourning, I must confess. The streets decorated with red and white flowers of all kinds. I watched lovers as they walked down the streets, it was valentine's day! I flashed a smile on my pretty face as I cut my gaze on an handsome dude. He was tall, masculine and a little light in complexion with a smooth face and pointed nose. Those eyes were breathtaking and his lips smelled like sweet lollipop. He was the man of my dreams, charming! He is the kind of guy ladies can't resist. My eyes where fixed on him as he moved towards Linda, my next door neighbour, she was claded in a pink silky glown and perfect shoes to match. I saw her run into the arms of my own dear prince charming! My heart began to bleed. After placing my eyes endlessly on him....he turned towards …

Exclusive love quotes...valentine special

Dear blog reader,
This is my first post this year so let me just say happy new year 'exclusivetins blog reader'. 
I am sick of apologizing for not posting and well no one is complaining, at least for now, so let me go straight to the point! 
Because of valentine I decided to create some of my quotes in picture form like you would be seeing below. Don't hesitate to send it to your sweetheart during these season of love. It's all for you, express it to him or her in form of valentine special cards or messages.
Tell her/him how much you feel...kisses*
Love is Xo Xo sweet!