Woman cuts her husband's penis in Lagos

The picture above is that of Mrs. Bimbo Ajetumobi
Daniju and her husband. she was arrested for cutting her husband's penis with knife.
Monday morning, 23rd December she
cut-off her husband's manhood in a fit of anger.
It was said that Bimbo who is a staff of Eko bank Agege had picked a quarrel with her
husband on Sunday,
16th December on account of his inability to
provide for the needs of the family.
She accused him of being selfish, not bothering to
find out how she and their
only child are faring following her demand for
feeding allowance.
 Sunday when the victim and husband to
the banker, Mr. Olalekan
Idowu Daniju, an upcoming gospel singer,
returned from church and decided
to get himself something to eat in the kitchen
his wife, Bimbo came and
started shouting at him calling
him very unprintable names, she poured his plate
of food on his head and
proceeded to beat him with a bucket she found in
the compound.
Olalekan Daniju was reported to have run to his
sister's shop to seek refuge
from his angry wife but Bimbo followed him there
with broken bottle threatening
to stab him.
Madam Kehinde Daniju, sister of the victim, said
that when her brother ran to
her for help, she had to call their mother and
other relatives to settle the matter
as they live in the family house and relatives were
She said further that the wife's mother was also
around the area but when she
arrived, told her daughter not to accept all moves
of reconciliation.
According to Madam Kehinde, Bimbo's mother
told her to be adamant until
her husband gets a job. She also said Bimbo's
mother took along the couple only son, Opeoluwa
Daniju, with her as she was leaving.
This made Lekan to order his wife to ensure that
his son is brought back before
8 p.m or else she would have a fight on her hand.
It was said that Bimbo left the house before 8 pm
and returned some 30 minutes
later without Opeoluwa.
This resulted into a quarrel after which they went
to bed.
At about 2am, there was shouting in the couple's
apartment and on reaching there.
Reports have it that she woke her husband up,
tore his pants and held his penis.
She proceeded to cut his penis with the knife she
was holding and ran away
leaving him with parting shot, "that is where you
will die" with Lekan shouting
and writhing in anguish.
Lekan's elder brother called his elder sister that
Lekan had been injured by
his wife following bouts of shouting and noise.
Lekan was taken to a private clinic where he was
Bimbo was arrested and taken to the police
In her statement at the police station, Bimbo
denied using knife on her husband
but her fingernails.
She has since been released as Lekan said he is
not interested in pressing
Bimbo who is said to be rude, stubborn and
troublesome was alleged to have
taken away some home appliances and all of
Lekan's certificates and allied
Well I just stumbled across this story. I pray God helps us from the hands of people like this.


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