it hurts....but he's got to go!!!

Sweet ladies in da house! This is one topic I have always loved to share because we ladies are too precious to be treated like dogs and it's time to get ourselves treated like the queen we are.

Let's get talking now...
Have u ever loved a guy so badly that you can do anything to keep a huge smile on his face. You made a lot of sacrifices and even went as far as giving away your pride as a woman thinking that would make him stick to you but at the end he does so many hurting things and humilates you so badly and all you can do is crying and begging 4 his love. "Na wa 4 u sha, you just don't know your worth o"

You call him on phone, he barks at you.
he's asking your best friend out and telling her she's the one he truly loves.
 He naggs at you at almost d slightest thing on earth. 
He calls you only when he feels horny and when you're tired or not in the mood, he gets angry at that. 
He doesn't introduce you to his friends as a girlfriend or lover.
You keep crying and trying to get him back but he snobs you.
He doesn't care about you or the people you love.
He tells you you've got a bad face or shape.
He smiles with you only during sex or after, and then he askes you after that:  'so  when are you going back home?'
Almost every time he tells you it's over but you start crying cos you love him deeply
dear', there are just too many i can't count but all i will say is stop sticking to such a man, can't you see he doesn't love you, abi na by force? *Eyes rolling*

A lady should make herself beautiful, loveable, and like a flower, appreciated. If he doesn't see that in you "abeg, shake him off, know that you've got class!"
There are many men out there who will appreciate and respect you. You don't have to force him to love you cos you would just get yourself been ridiculed again. Remember men have a very hard heart and you can't force them to love....
So many ladies out there are going through this and they find it hard to leave cos they are madly in love but know this...
 No matter how much you love him learn to act like a princess, we deserve it so, shake him off, throw him away and break up now before he breaks you more.....

l know how it feels. It hurts to let him go..but he's got to go!!!


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