I'm back here...

It's been a while I kept mute but I apologise once again. You know in life there are times motivation slumps and inspiration dries up, moments when one feels depressed and also when one feels great and high about writing. Let's say that's what happened but I have to get myself back saying "Dayo, you need to ride on".

It's been my passion and I feel fulfilled about what I am doing though minor challenges happens but I tell myself, I've got to be a source of motivation to others so I've got to be strong myself, I won't let things around me get me depressed and lastly I haven't given you enough of what I have up my sleeve so I really need to work more harder and clear the grass of tight schedule or depression so I land at my canaan land on this blog.

Hope you did miss me *winks* anyway exclusive tins is back here to stay for real this time...
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